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Siem Reap Money & Shopping

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As elsewhere in Cambodia, US Dollars, and to a lesser extent, Thai Baht are preferred over Cambodian Riel for all purchases except the very smallest. There are a number of large, flashy souvenir shops around town, complete with temple-style decorations and a surplus of staff, which happily charge two to five times the going price elsewhere in town. These are best avoided.

Despite what you may be told at the Thai border, international ATMs in Siem Reap are plentiful, and banks will do cash advances from credit cards.

Heritage Watch a non-profit organization, has launched a campaign that aims to encourage support for Cambodia's arts, culture, heritage and development. Businesses that are giving back to the community are certified as Heritage Friendly by the independent organization and permitted to display either a gold or silver Heritage Friendly logo. One of them: Samatoa.

Shops & Stores in Siem Reap

Fashion Store Samatoa
Specialized in cambodian natural silk, Samatoa encourage fair-tradeDirectionsFront of provincial hospital-Old Market area / Lucky Mall Siem Reap
From 50usd, in Siem Reap
Supermarket Angkor Market
Siem Reap's closest thing to a supermarket, offering a good range of food, snacks, alcohol and even some souvenirs. Clearly-marked, non-negotiable but reasonable prices.
in Siem Reap
Market Psar Chas (Old Market)
Sells a reasonably attractive collection of artifacts and tourist junk. Please don't buy anything purporting to be antique; it probably isn't, but it's stolen if it is. Directionsto the south of town
in Siem Reap
Market Center Market
Offers an eclectic collection of clothes and trinkets for good prices. Don't forget to bargain. Most stalls carry the same selection so you can shop around and find the cheapest price. Many of the goods here cannot be found in Thailand.Directionsat the corne... more
in Siem Reap
Art/Crafts/Antiques Store Khmer Ceramics & Fine Arts Centre
The Khmer Ceramics Centre trains and sells the work of young Cambodians in Khmer Ceramic and Fine Arts. 1 hour to half-day introductory courses in ceramics for visitors and their children are also available.Directionson the road to the temples; 30 m. after the t... more
Admission is free, in Siem Reap
Art/Crafts/Antiques Store McDermott Gallery
Elegant, friendly gallery with photography of Angkor by John McDermott, called "the Ansel Adams of Angkor" by the New York Times. Also McDermott Gallery 2, on the passage between Pub Street and the Old Market with world class photography of Asia by sev... more
in Siem Reap
Art/Crafts/Antiques Store The Red Gallery
Contemporary Cambodian art, everything from sculptures made from decommissioned AK-47s to paintings, pen and ink drawings, photography, lacquer, bronze and mixed media in a funky, eclectic space. This gallery has now closed down, the new shop Wonderlust is now i... more
in Siem Reap
Art/Crafts/Antiques Store Artisans d'Angkor
A workshop in downtown. Showcases traditional Cambodian handicraft skills such as wood and stone carving, lacquering, gilding and silk painting. Visitors are conducted on a free guided tour where they can see the crftsmen in action. The boutiques display the man... more
in Siem Reap
Electronics Store Apple Macs
Cambodia is possibly the cheapest place to buy a Macbook or iPod. Prices are in US dollars at same rates as in the USA but there is no added tax. iPhones and iPads are not yet available here.Directionsnear to KFC
in Siem Reap

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