Nostalgic films & Flea.Fly.Fo.Fun at City Hall and Oktoberfest!

1) Revisit history with these films presented as part of the National Art Gallery Open House

The City Hall chamber will be opened to the public for film screenings

What: Film screening with themes of nostalgia, memories and architecture
When: 9-10 October, 7-9 pm
Where: City Hall Chamber
How much: Free, Registration is required

The National Art Gallery Open House happens this weekend but slots are all filled up. If you didn’t get a place, you can opt for the self-guided tour on 16-17 October. In the meantime, get into the mood with the films screened this weekend – revolving around old and unforgotten places in Singapore.

Lost Images reveals the culture and wildlife of Singapore hardly seen from way back in the 1950′s, while Old Places is the work of renowned film-maker Royston Tan, featuring everyday trade we dismiss – street barbers in the back alleys of Chinatown and pre-Independence Day coffee shops. These films are free to watch but may require registration. For more information, click here.

Read here for reviews of the Former Supreme Court building here, while you can discover more about City Hall here.

2) Jazz up your style at Flea.Fly.Fo.Fun

What: Open-air flea market
When: 9-10 October, 11am- 8pm
Where: City Hall Level 1
How much: Admission is Free

Flea.Fly.Fo.Funis here again at the National Arts Gallery. Well-known as an indie and eclectic flea market, look out for handmade bags, accessories, live drawings and art, and one-of-a-kind bargains. This event is presented in conjunction with the National Arts Gallery Open House.

3) Create your own Oktoberfest at the Tiger Brewery Tour

You're free to sample almost all brands, but be sure to order a Tiger first!

The Tiger Tavern is cozy and favored by soldiers as a hang-out!

What: A guided tour around the brewery at Asia Pacific Breweries
When: Mondays-Fridays, 4 tours daily
Where:459 Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim (Asia Pacific Breweries)
How much: S$10.70

Singapore’s nightlife scene is reaching saturation with bars and clubs offering beer deals in every form. Create your own Oktoberfestexperience by going for the Tiger Brewery Tour, where a guide will walk you along the compounds of Asia Pacific Breweries and educate you on the art of brewing beer. The best part is the free flow of beer after the tour, where visitors will retreat to the English-styled Tiger Tavern for sampling of APB’s selected house brands like Tiger Beer, Heineken and Anchor Beer.

Click here for more information on Asia Pacific Breweries.

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