Mettle Games, Intl Flow Championships & Spooktacular

1) Get your heart & body up and running at the Mettle Games  

*Exclusive Welcome Party tix for readers!* 

Test your limits at cable-skiing with Ski360

 What: Action Sports competition and exhibition
When: Week 1: 29 – 31 October (Welcome Party: 30 Oct, 8 – 11pm)
Where: Xtreme SkatePark East Coast, Ski 360o East Lagoon and Wave House Sentosa
How much: Free Admission 

Touted to be Singapore’s largest sports exhibtion and competition event, highlights include Aggressive In-line Skating, Skateboard, Bicycle Motocross and more. Adrenaline junkies, I’m giving away 10 pairs of free tickets worth $21 each, inclusive of a free drink to the Mettle Games Welcome Party @ Wave House Sentosa!

Happening on 30th October, be the first 10 to comment on this entry, with the title ‘Mettle Games Welcome Party @ Wave House Sentosa’ and you are ready to go! Please include your name and mailing address; comments will not be visible to the public. 

Here’s a link to know more about Ski360

Note: Week 2 of Mettle Games will be held from 5 – 7 Nov, check out this blog next week for more info! 

2) Ride into the International Flow Championships 2010 at Wave House Sentosa 

Surfing was unheard of in Singapore until Wave House came in

 What:  An international flowriding competition featuring the best from different nations
When: 28 - 31 Oct 2010
Where: Wave House Sentosa
How much: Free Admission

If you are looking for a different way to spend your weekend, you can’t miss this one. Flowriding is becoming hot in Singapore; loosely defined as surfing in an artifical wave surfing environment. Also part of the Mettle Games, the International Flow Championship is a 4-day event with different flowriding teams from USA, Dubai, South Africa, Singapore and Japan competing on both the FlowRider and FlowBarrel at Wave House Sentosa. Noobs like me who are new to this are welcome to walk in and enjoy the show.

Ride on with a review of Wave House Sentosa. 

3) Faint-hearted need not try: Sentosa Spooktacular 

What:  A Halloween challenge to survive 4 deadly trails
When: 29 & 31 Oct 2010, 7pm – 11pm
Where: Imbiah Lookout, Sentosa
How much: S$38 per tix 

To know how faint-hearted I am, let’s just say that the website is enough to spook me. But if you are game for thrills and spills, act fast. The highly popular Sentosa Spooktacular has limited tickets for 29 and 31st Oct available at the ticketing counters; online purchaes are not available anymore. (Tickets for 30th Oct SOLD OUT). With 4 different deadly trails; Cursed Island, The Haunted Asylum, Dead or Alive Wax Museum and Tower of Fear, beware of death traps, a disfigured wax artist and a horrifying experience of ‘sight, sound and light’. 

To know more about Sentosa, click here.

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