Mettle Games, CSI: The Experience and Presidential Presents

1) Mettle Games continues with French Spiderman as special appearance

Is the French Spiderman going to scale the Singapore Flyer? Yes!

What: Action Sports competition and exhibition
When: 5 – 7 November, 10 am – 6pm
Where: F1 Pit Building
How much: 1-day pass at $15, 3-day pass at $24

Yes, French Spiderman Alain Robert will scale the Singapore Flyer on Nov 5, as part of the exciting line-up of the Mettle Games. There will also be extreme car stunts such as the Subaru stunt show, drag car races, Muay Thai performances and even SG Stomping, a showcase of local indie music. Heart-stopping much? Limited 3-day passes to be given away. Just shout out ‘I Love Mettle Games’ by commenting on this entry with your e-mail and mailing address.

2) CSI: The Experience – Be a crime investigator!

What: Interactive exhibit which challenges you to solve a crime
When: Now till Feb 20, 2011, 10 am – 6pm
Where: The Annexe, Science Centre Singapore
How much: $21 adult, $16 child, inclusive of admission to Science Centre

Inspired by the popular television series CSI, this temporary exhibit allows the investigator in you to solve three crimes including a local story that is loosely built around a Singaporean crime scene. At the exhibit, there are two labs equipped with real-life scientific techniques like DNA and fingerprint analysis.

Click here for more information on the Science Centre.

3) Presidential Presents – State Gifts from 1962 to 2009

What: A showcase of official gifts given to the Presidents of Singapore
When: Now till Jan 9, 2011, 10 am – 8pm
Where: National Museum of Singapore, The Balcony, Level 2
How much: Free Admission

Have you ever wondered what Mr. President receives as a gift? Head to the National Museum for a display of 50 selected official gifts, from the President’s collection at the Istana. These gifts were given to the six Presidents of Singapore from 1962 to 2009.

Click here for information of the National Museum of Singapore.

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Mettle Games, Intl Flow Championships & Spooktacular

1) Get your heart & body up and running at the Mettle Games  

*Exclusive Welcome Party tix for readers!* 

Test your limits at cable-skiing with Ski360

 What: Action Sports competition and exhibition
When: Week 1: 29 – 31 October (Welcome Party: 30 Oct, 8 – 11pm)
Where: Xtreme SkatePark East Coast, Ski 360o East Lagoon and Wave House Sentosa
How much: Free Admission 

Touted to be Singapore’s largest sports exhibtion and competition event, highlights include Aggressive In-line Skating, Skateboard, Bicycle Motocross and more. Adrenaline junkies, I’m giving away 10 pairs of free tickets worth $21 each, inclusive of a free drink to the Mettle Games Welcome Party @ Wave House Sentosa!

Happening on 30th October, be the first 10 to comment on this entry, with the title ‘Mettle Games Welcome Party @ Wave House Sentosa’ and you are ready to go! Please include your name and mailing address; comments will not be visible to the public. 

Here’s a link to know more about Ski360

Note: Week 2 of Mettle Games will be held from 5 – 7 Nov, check out this blog next week for more info! 

2) Ride into the International Flow Championships 2010 at Wave House Sentosa 

Surfing was unheard of in Singapore until Wave House came in

 What:  An international flowriding competition featuring the best from different nations
When: 28 - 31 Oct 2010
Where: Wave House Sentosa
How much: Free Admission

If you are looking for a different way to spend your weekend, you can’t miss this one. Flowriding is becoming hot in Singapore; loosely defined as surfing in an artifical wave surfing environment. Also part of the Mettle Games, the International Flow Championship is a 4-day event with different flowriding teams from USA, Dubai, South Africa, Singapore and Japan competing on both the FlowRider and FlowBarrel at Wave House Sentosa. Noobs like me who are new to this are welcome to walk in and enjoy the show.

Ride on with a review of Wave House Sentosa. 

3) Faint-hearted need not try: Sentosa Spooktacular 

What:  A Halloween challenge to survive 4 deadly trails
When: 29 & 31 Oct 2010, 7pm – 11pm
Where: Imbiah Lookout, Sentosa
How much: S$38 per tix 

To know how faint-hearted I am, let’s just say that the website is enough to spook me. But if you are game for thrills and spills, act fast. The highly popular Sentosa Spooktacular has limited tickets for 29 and 31st Oct available at the ticketing counters; online purchaes are not available anymore. (Tickets for 30th Oct SOLD OUT). With 4 different deadly trails; Cursed Island, The Haunted Asylum, Dead or Alive Wax Museum and Tower of Fear, beware of death traps, a disfigured wax artist and a horrifying experience of ‘sight, sound and light’. 

To know more about Sentosa, click here.

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Images of Asia, Halloween Horrors & Chan Brothers Holiday Fiesta

1) See Asia through the eyes of others at Images of Asia

What: A showcase of Asian cultures and festivals through photography and film
When: 23 October: 12 -9pm, 24 October: 10 am - 8 pm
Where: Hall 402, Suntec Singapore
How much: Free Admission

The Images of Asia event is a learning space for photography-enthusiasts and culture-seekers, with its photo galleries of interesting places in Asia, talks and seminars by travel photographers and documentary directors, and also workshops on improving your photography skills.

If you are a photographer seeking to promote your services, you can also set up a stall at the event. Find out more here.

2) Scare yourself silly with Night Safari’s Halloween Horrors

Don't expect a peaceful dinner at Halloween Horrors at Night Safari!

What: A Halloween-themed party with 6 different spooky highlights
When: Now till 31st October
Where: Night Safari
How much: S$45 – 50 per adult ticket. Save 5% when you book online

Halloween is coming and if you are itching for some trick or treat, head to the Night Safari for its Halloween Horrors. Its 6 different highlights includes the Train of Terror; where you will take a train ride into the rainforest with unexpected guests, Memories of the Departed; where angry souls trapped in photos seek for replacement, and much more. The tickets cost S$45 this weekend from 22-23 October, and will cost S$50 from 29 – 31 October. Save 5% when you make your purchases online at the Night Safari website.

Click here for a review of the Night Safari.

3) Book that year-end trip at Chan Brothers’ 45th Anniversary Holiday Fiesta

What:A travel fair with promotions, coinciding with Chan Brothers’ 45th anniversary
When: 24th October, 10 am – 8pm
Where: Level 3 Concourse, Suntec Singapore
How much: Free Admission

For one day only, Chan Brothers is holding a travel fair to mark its 45th anniversary with promotions to places like Eastern Europe, Australia, Dubai and New Zealand.

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i Light Marina Bay, NATAS Winter Fair & The Farmers’ Market

1) Watch Marina Bay light up with art displays at i Light Marina Bay

Watch Marina Bay light up with efficient lighting techology

What: Sustainable light and arts festival
When: 15 October – 7 November
Where: Various locations around Marina Bay
How much: Free Admission

In a bid to promote sustainability, the i Light Marina Bay festival is set to dazzle the Marina Bay night-scape through the Light Walk, which comprises of 20 light installations and sculptures, as well as art displays by both local and international artists – all with the use of energy-saving lighting technology.

For more information of the Colonial District where Marina Bay is located, click here.

2) For all you travelholics, the NATAS Journeys Winter fair is here!

What: Travel fair with deals and promotions
When: 16 – 17 October
Where: Singapore Expo, Hall 6B, 10am – 9.30pm
How much: Free Admission

Catering to last-minute travel goers, the NATAS (National Association of Travel Agents Singapore) Journeys Winter fair has exhibitors from travel agencies such as ASA Holidays (booth H08), Five Stars Tours (booth H16) and Nam Ho Travel (booth H17). Expect discounts for couples, MasterCard promotions, a grand lucky draw and a packed hall!

3) For a slice of country living, there’s the Farmers’ Market!

What: A food bazaar of gourmet meats, wine, organic vegetables and cheese
When: 16 October
Where:  75E Loewen Road, The Pantry at Loewen Gardens
How much: Free Admission

The Farmers’ Market is an outdoor food bazaar targeted at passionate foodies, who enjoy a conversation about food and produce. Other than gourmet meats and wine, look out for home-made baked goods and bread. If cooking is your thing, go to The Pantry Cooking School for cooking demonstrations and wine talks. This event is organised by Briton Jane Glascow of the school; expect an expatriate community there.

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Nostalgic films & Flea.Fly.Fo.Fun at City Hall and Oktoberfest!

1) Revisit history with these films presented as part of the National Art Gallery Open House

The City Hall chamber will be opened to the public for film screenings

What: Film screening with themes of nostalgia, memories and architecture
When: 9-10 October, 7-9 pm
Where: City Hall Chamber
How much: Free, Registration is required

The National Art Gallery Open House happens this weekend but slots are all filled up. If you didn’t get a place, you can opt for the self-guided tour on 16-17 October. In the meantime, get into the mood with the films screened this weekend – revolving around old and unforgotten places in Singapore.

Lost Images reveals the culture and wildlife of Singapore hardly seen from way back in the 1950′s, while Old Places is the work of renowned film-maker Royston Tan, featuring everyday trade we dismiss – street barbers in the back alleys of Chinatown and pre-Independence Day coffee shops. These films are free to watch but may require registration. For more information, click here.

Read here for reviews of the Former Supreme Court building here, while you can discover more about City Hall here.

2) Jazz up your style at Flea.Fly.Fo.Fun

What: Open-air flea market
When: 9-10 October, 11am- 8pm
Where: City Hall Level 1
How much: Admission is Free

Flea.Fly.Fo.Funis here again at the National Arts Gallery. Well-known as an indie and eclectic flea market, look out for handmade bags, accessories, live drawings and art, and one-of-a-kind bargains. This event is presented in conjunction with the National Arts Gallery Open House.

3) Create your own Oktoberfest at the Tiger Brewery Tour

You're free to sample almost all brands, but be sure to order a Tiger first!

The Tiger Tavern is cozy and favored by soldiers as a hang-out!

What: A guided tour around the brewery at Asia Pacific Breweries
When: Mondays-Fridays, 4 tours daily
Where:459 Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim (Asia Pacific Breweries)
How much: S$10.70

Singapore’s nightlife scene is reaching saturation with bars and clubs offering beer deals in every form. Create your own Oktoberfestexperience by going for the Tiger Brewery Tour, where a guide will walk you along the compounds of Asia Pacific Breweries and educate you on the art of brewing beer. The best part is the free flow of beer after the tour, where visitors will retreat to the English-styled Tiger Tavern for sampling of APB’s selected house brands like Tiger Beer, Heineken and Anchor Beer.

Click here for more information on Asia Pacific Breweries.

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3 Ways to Spend Your Weekend

How to spend your weekend:

1) Get racing: Formula Art in Motion exhibition at Royal Plaza on Scotts

The F1 race is over, but memories remain at the Formula Art in Motion exhibition (not pictured)

What: Formula Art in Motion exhibition

Where: Royal Plaza on Scotts

When: Today till 1 October

How much: Admission is free

Are your ears still ringing from the Grand Prix event? Or did you not catch the much talked-about race and is regretting badly? Whatever it is, while you wait for next year’s event, relieve the moments at the Formula Art in Motion exhibition at Royal Plaza on Scotts now till 1st October. Admission is free, while 10% of the net proceeds will go to the Community Chest.

2) Another reason to pig out: Grand Opening of Sabroso Tapas Bar

What: Grand Opening of Sabroso Tapas Bar

Where: 26A Lorong Mambong  

When: 1st October, 6 – 11pm

How much: Free

How: Walk-in or RSVP (preferred) to before 1st October and enjoy free flow of Spanish tapas!

This Friday, 1st October marks the grand opening of the Sabroso Tapas Bar at Holland Village. This bar serves Spanish-fusion cuisine, and to top it up, there will be free flow of Spanish tapas to mark the special occasion. Not forgetting the special Spanish dance performances and Samba percussion – it’s gonna be a good night!

3) For the lady warriors: Learn Personal Protection Skills with I.D.A.C.T Tactical System

What: 1 full-day Ladies Exclusive Course on the how’s and why’s of self-protection

When: 2nd October, 9 – 6pm

Where: 199B Goldhill Centre, Singapore 307636

How much: S$98

A woman who can protect herself exudes sexiness. Sign up for a 1-day course with I.D.A.C.T and learn some self-defense moves which could prevent mishaps from happening. If you’re not a female, share this to your female friends/colleagues etc! Not your cup of tea? Check out more about Courses in Singapore!

If you like these tips, please let me know by commenting below! :D

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Where to stay during the F1 race season

Where to stay during the F1 race season:

Budget hotel picks under S$150

The F1 race is nearing, from 24-26 September 2010 and the nation is excited. Tickets are selling like hotcakes but it’s an open secret that the prices ain’t wallet-friendly. To help you stretch your dollar further, I have handpicked some affordable hotels in the vicinity for your pleasure! These tips will be useful if you watched the race and want to head home to a nearby hotel. :D

1) Victoria Hotel

The small but nicely decorated lounge of Victoria Hotel

What: Mid-range hotel along Victoria Street

Why:  Within walking distance of City Hall MRT and CHIJMES where you may also catch live telecasts of the F1 race

Where: 87 Victoria Street

How much: S$100 per night and above

2) South East Asia Hotel

Nondescript hotel building and rooms with friendly prices

What:  Budget hotel located in between Little India and the Colonial District

Why: Decently clean with the bare necessities provided

Where: 190 Waterloo Street

How much: S$100 per night and above

3) Ibis Hotel

The most modern of the lot, with an inviting hotel entrance

What: Mid-range hotel in the Colonial District

Why: Value-for-money, clean and comfortable rooms

Where:170 Bencoolen Street

How much: S$150 per night and above

Hit these links for more information: Victoria Hotel, South East Asia Hotel and Ibis Hotel.

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This weekend: Get lit up at Digital Nights Singapore, Pig out at BBQ Grill Nite @ Coastes, Siloso Beach, and Catch an art exhibition ‘Collective Memories: Together in Electric Dreams’

What to do this weekend:

1) Get lit up at Digital Nights Singapore 2010 (DNS)

Are you a fan of all things bright, arty and fancy? Get lit up at DNS 2010, an artistic 10-day long festival from 17-26 September 2010, featuring visual and digital arts at the Singapore Art Museum, Orchard Road and Sculpture Square.

The Singapore Art Museum is one of the venues for DNS

Conciding with the Grand Prix Season in Singapore, this event is the first in Singapore and Asia (yes, Singapore scored another No.1 again), adapted from the European Nuit Blanche, a flagship night event in major cities of Europe.

Participated by both international and local artists, one of the artworks at Orchard Road comes in the form of a digital red carpet in which passerbys can walk through and cast their shadows on. Sculpture Square will showcase a virtual fashion show experience for visitors.

For more information, see the light on Singapore Art Museum, and Orchard Road here.

2) Pig out at BBQ Grill Nite @ Coastes, Siloso Beach, Sentosa

Don’t stop to think twice. Not on 24 September 2010, from 6.30pm. For S$45 per pax, eat all the barbequed food you love in the world, cooked freshly at Siloso’s well loved beach bar Coastes, and receive a complimentary iced lemon tea as part of the deal.

Beach, sea, sand and unlimited food at Coastes beckons.

Yes, it’s gonna be a guilty Friday night dinner. If you think you can handle it, find out more about Coastes here. These links bring you to Siloso Beach and Sentosa.

3) Catch an art exhibition ‘Collective Memories: Together in Electric Dreams’

What do you remember about your childhood? For these six artists, they created their artworks and site-specific installations based on their childhood memories, for viewing from 1-25 September 2010, at 65 Spottiswoode Park Road.

This project is managed by Give Art and the artists are Justin Lee, Jason Wee, Sandrine Llouquet, Jamie Paul, Genevieve Chua and Bertrand Peret.

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This weekend: Meet for some 80′s films at the National Museum of Singapore and the Mass Lantern Walk!

What you can do this weekend:

1) Meet Under the Banyan Tree for some 80′s films at the National Museum of Singapore

Is the National Museum of Singapore a gorgeous place to unwind and catch a free open-air movie? You bet.

The picturesque National Museum of Singapore

This weekend, Cinémathèque, a program of the National Museum of Singapore, is presenting two movies as part of its Under the Banyan Tree series – The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai (Friday, 17 September) and Electric Dreams (18 September).

Starting at 8pm at the Stamford Garden, The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai, is a popular cult film in the 1980′s, directed by WD Ritcher. This 103-min long sci-fi adventure reveals how Buckaroo and his crew prevents the Red Lectroids aliens from taking over the world.

Electric Dreams is also a classic film of the eighties, directed by Steve Barron. It centers around a love triangle in which a man, woman and a computer named Edgar, are caught in.

Whether if it’s with your lover, army mates, girlfriends, or colleagues, watching old-school 80′s films open air are just so refreshing compared to the usual movie-and-dinner dates at cold, predictable shopping centers, don’t ya think?

See you Under the Banyan Tree, at National Museum of Singapore!

2) Participate in a Mass Lantern Walk this Mid-Autumn Festival at Chinatown

This Mid-Autumn or Mooncake Festival is a good time to burn off calories from all the feasting of mooncakes, and indulge in the revelry of this traditional Chinese festival by taking part in the Mass Lantern Walk.

Dress up for the event and bring your lantern with you. The walk starts at the field beside Outram Park MRT on 18 September at 7.30 pm.

Clarke Quay, with The Central on the left, will be one of the stops for the walk

The walk will bring you through the heart of Chinatown – which is painstakingly decorated with colourful and festive lighting now, to our Singapore River and also to The Central at Clarke Quay.

Even if you might feel like you have been to this places before, take pride in the lights and sights of our multi-racial country all dressed up to the nines with these seasonal decorations, and our unique conserved shop houses.

This is a free event which will last 2 and a half hours. Starting point  is at the open field next to Outram Park MRT Station, Exit E.

For more information on Chinatown, Singapore’s dedicated Chinese enclave, click here. Click here for information about the Mid-Autumn Festival in Singapore.

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Drink up on beer and knowledge with Asia Pacific Breweries’ Tiger Tour at S$10.70

If you read about Oktoberfest and are wishing that we have something similar in Singapore, the good news is that…you can have drink all you want with Asia Pacific Breweries’ Tiger Tour for S$10.70.

For that price, which can only buy you a mug of beer at pubs, you receive a guided tour around the Asia Pacific Breweries (APB) compound and free-flow beer from the tap. During the approx. 1 hour tour, the guide will bring you around the production facilities and patiently explain the process of brewing beer. P/S: The smell of malt in the factory is sensational, to me.

The familiar tiger with the Tiger Brewery sign

Take a tour around the APB compound to learn more about the art of brewing beer!

I’m no saint here so I will declare that the complimentary free-flow beer at the end of the tour is the highlight. Furthermore, you get to retreat into the cozy English-styled Tiger Tavern, a bar/pub decorated with soldiers’ awards, frequented by soldiers themselves (or so I heard) for your ice cold beer.

Get to choose from the different house brands under APB, like Tiger Beer and Heineken!

The cozy Tiger Tavern, which makes drinking and socialising so enjoyable.

The guide will tell you the house rule is to first order a Tiger!

And I am not exaggerating but the Tiger beer there is especially fresh and refreshing! If you are gonna head there, do be informed to make advance bookings by emailing

For more tasty information on Asia Pacific Breweries and the Tiger Tour, sink in here!

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