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Singapore Climate & When to go

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Standing at 1.50 and 136 km North of the equator, Singapore is a tropical haven with summer almost all year round! Alternating between the almost indistinguishable seasons of warm and sunny, and warm and rainy, the island’s daily temperatures are continually high, rarely dropping below 24C and hitting as high as 34-35C.

Average temperatures between the months of February to October range from 32-34C in the day and 28-30C at night, while during the Northeast Monsoon season lasting from end-October to end-January, temperatures can dip to 28-32C in the day and 23-26C at night.

As with high temperatures, the island also experiences high humidity levels and high annual rainfall. In other words, expect to get sticky! Rain comes and goes almost daily with sudden heavy showers or thunderstorms occurring in the early mornings and late afternoons. It is thus always wise to take an umbrella out when venturing out especially during the coolest and wettest months of end-October to end-January.

May to July tend to be the hottest and driest months in Singapore. From May to October, Singapore also experiences quite a bad haze problem resulting from the rampant forest fires occurring in parts of Indonesia. If you're asthmatic or suffer from other respiratory conditions, think twice about planning the trip as the polluted air often causes and aggravates existing breathing problems.

Sunstroke, dehydration, headaches, and prickly heat are some common traveller’s illness resulting from the scorching heat, so do constantly remember to hydrate one and take along a hat and umbrella especially when travelling outdoors.

Light clothing such as t-shirts, shorts and short-sleeved shirts are sufficient although you may want to pack in a light jacket or shawl just in case it gets colder. Most Singaporeans hide from the heat, living, working, travelling, and visiting fully air-conditioned places, including exercising in air-conditioned gyms.

When to go

Now is a good time to visit Singapore! It has an annual calendar choked-pack with racial and religious celebrations, festivals, and events, which coupled with a breed of interesting people, will certainly leave unexpected and unforgettable memories. Consider the 3 C's when planning your trip to this island: climate, crowd, and celebrated festivals.

You will most likely encounter a hot and sticky time regardless of when you head to Singapore. Generally, however, May to July are the island’s hotter and driest months while end-October to January are its colder and wettest months. Plan to avoid the periodic haze problem if visiting between May to October.

If you're planning trips out from Singapore to the islands of the eastern coast of Peninsular Malaysia such as Redang, Tioman, and Rawa, April to October are the best months to visit before the Northeast Monsoon hits.

Singapore does not experience seasonal tourism but the island is discernibly more crowded during the local month-long school holidays occurring on June and December, and on significant racial and cultural festivals.

If planning a trip to Singapore, you may want to visit during one of the many celebrated festivals when the scene is that much more colourful, lively, and vibrant. We recommend the periods leading up to Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Haji, Deepavali, or Christmas.

Festivals in Singapore

Event New Year's Day
New Year’s Day in Singapore starts with a televised Countdown Party on the night of 31 December that ends with a massive fireworks display at Singapore's River Area at midnight to welcome the New Year. Locals general... more
 3 Fans, in Colonial District
Music Festival Mosaic Music Festival
Launched in 2005 by the Esplanade, the Mosaic Music Festival is an increasingly popular and anticipated 10-days music festival held around the Esplanade vicinity that features gigs by both established and rising internatio... more
 3 Fans, in Colonial District
Event Great Singapore Sale
Anticipated by locals, the Great Singapore Sale (GSS) is a slightly more than a month-long shopping event that sees discounted prices given for most items sold in retail stores across shopping-crazed Singapore. Organized by Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and a nu... more
 3 Fans, in Orchard Road
Art Festival Singapore Arts Festival
Established since 1977, Singapore Arts Festival is a month long celebration of local, regional, and international art works spanning from theatre, dance, visual arts, and music organized by the National Arts Council of Singapore. A mixture of events, seminars, a... more
 3 Fans, in Chinatown & Financial District
Food Festival Singapore Food Festival
Highly anticipated by locals and lasting a month long, Singapore Food Festival (SFF) is the celebration of the best of local cuisines in an already food-crazed Singapore. Events, themed dinners, culinary classes and worksh... more
 3 Fans, in Chinatown & Financial District
Event Singapore National Day
Singapore National Day commemorates the independence of Singapore that happened back on 9 August 1965. A local public holiday, Singaporeans tend to spend the day with family and friends at beaches, parks, shopping malls or... more
 3 Fans, in Colonial District
Event Chinese New Year
 Highly anticipated and widely celebrated, this is the most significant festival and a busy and bustling time for local Chinese folks in preparation to welcome the New Year as stipulated in the Chinese lunar calendar.... more
 2 Fans, in Chinatown & Financial District
Event Dragon Boat Festival
Bak Changs or steamed rice dumplings wrapped in bamboo leaves, and dragon boat races at the Singapore River or Bedok Reservoir mark this popular Chinese folk festival. In the month leading up, bak changs become a common sight in food stalls which are eaten in re... more
 2 Fans, in River Area
Religious Festival Christmas
Highly commercialized, Christmas in Singapore is a heavy slant from the traditional Christian and Catholic gift-exchanging festival in honor of Jesus Christ's birthday.  In Singapore, people of various religions celebrate it and shopping malls are decked wi... more
 2 Fans, in Orchard Road
Event Birthday BBQ Party
Getting older again, and starting to wonder why that is a reason to celebrate. Failed to come up with an answer, and decided to have a BBQ Party instead. And you are invited! See below for address and time. Please click on... more
 2 Fans, free, in Singapore
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