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The area between the escalator and Flash n Splash are popular amongst gays.  <img src='http://www.guidegecko.com/images/spyglass1.png' align='texttop' /> Click for full image
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Singapore Gay Cruising Spots

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There are a number of prime spots in Singapore where the gay community are known to head to. The more obvious ones are saunas and the Tanjong Pagar area particularly at night. You can also head to sentosa's beaches, shopping malls, streets, and even MRT stations.

Shopping Centres

CityLink Mall and Raffles City Shopping Centre are two very well-known grounds for meeting other gays. There are many central hotels nearby for more privacy.

Commercial buildings

The central business district of Singapore is teeming with execs so hang around this area if you fancy meeting someone in a business attire. Head to High Street Centre or International Plaza. However, be aware the in-between-lunch and after-work hours can get pretty quiet.

Public Swimming Pools

Singapore's swimming complexes are popular grounds for gay guys here. Pack your hottest pairs of trunks (though not too hot lest you get asked to leave) and make sure you bring your best bod forward. Buona Vista Swimming Complex and Delta Swimming Complex are nearby the city, plus they are popular areas packed with sculpted bods and revealing speedos.


Gyms are another hunting ground for men who look after their bodies. In general, gyms are rather crowded spaces shared with a straight crowd. Two gyms here, California Fitness and True Fitness are a hit with gays in Singapore.

MRT Stations

MRT stations can be prime grounds for gay men.

Yio Chu Kang

You can expect to see men in their early thirties here who hang around just a little bit longer near the washrooms.

Ang Mo Kio

We advice to go somewhere else, but students and an older crowd do frequent this area. Avoid the evenings.


There is a mix of locals and foreign workers hanging out at the busy Woodlands MRT station. You're more likely to meet someone in the evening until late at night.

Raffles Place

A very busy interchange during peak hours like 8-10am and from 5-7pm. Privacy is hard to find and you're best off heading somewhere else after meeting your partner.

Tanjong Pagar

As with Raffles Place, peak hours should be avoided. Take your friend to nearby saunas or to a gay club nearby.

Gay Cruising Spots in Singapore

Commercial Building High Street Centre
You'll get the execs here looking to meet others. The first level is the best place to do so.
Mostly businessmen, in Singapore
Shopping Centre The Verge
The Verge was previously known as Tekka Mall. Levels 2 and 3 are popular spots for meeting other gays.
Mix of older gentlemen and young foreign workers, in Singapore
Shopping Centre Tanjong Pagar Plaza
The proximity of Tanjong Pagar Plaza to the office area makes it a convenient spot for businessmen to meet other gays. Head to the levels 2 and 3 where some gay men will hang out; smile to indicate your interest.
Businessmen, in Singapore
Shopping Centre Little India Arcade
This centre in the middle of a cultural hotpot is a well-visited area for the gay crowd.
Local and foreign Indian men, in Singapore
Shopping Centre Raffles City Shopping Centre
This used to be the gay mecca of Singapore but nowadays, most gays hang around, meet their partners and go elsewhere to get to know them. Moneyboys are also known to hang around, though most people don’t engage them ... more
All types, in Singapore
Shopping Centre Suntec City
Suntec City is a hotspot for many in the gay community. Two places most frequented include the area past Ralph Lauren, and on the third level at the far end, close to Courts. You’re almost guaranteed to meet people here.
All types, in Singapore
Shopping Centre Takashimaya Shopping Centre
A popular spot is the fifth floor next to Tower B. Other parts of the mall that are also well-visited are near the washrooms.
All types, in Singapore
Shopping Centre Tanglin Mall
Here, you can either meet others at the basement level near the supermarket, or on levels 2 and 3.
Mix of Asians and Expats, in Singapore
Shopping Centre Citylink Mall
This is possibly one of the best places to meet gays in Singapore. The mall is actually a long underground stretch that connects areas like Suntec City and Marina Square to the City Hall MRT Station. Plenty of gays visit t... more
All types, in Singapore
Shopping Centre Lucky Plaza
Head to the 5th level by the medical centre carpark for one of the popular hang out areas.
Locals, in Singapore
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