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Pulau Ubin Sports & Activities

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Our classmates decided to do something fun together so we decided to go to Pulau Ubin. We've been there twice, first trip in May 2011 and second trip December of the same year.

We did cycling on the first trip. It was quite thrilling and exciting as Pulau Ubin is blessed with the terrains that can be categorized into beginner trail and advanced trail, making Pulau Ubin an excellent place for cyclers. We totally enjoyed the uphill cycles and downward slopes, and we also spotted wildboars and hornbills.

During our second trip, we focused more on the sea activities instead. We did mangrove kayaking, which was pretty fun. Many people may not have heard about mangrove kayaking in Pulau Ubin, but it's something really eye-opening and enriching. We kayaked in the open water (the sea) and then to the mangrove rivers. We loved the maneuvers and navigation, as it's something new to us. We managed to see the mangrove trees and plants, as well as the floating sea villages and fish farms in the sea.

So, quit stereotyping Pulau Ubin as a boring place as there're so many things to do there, be it land or sea activities! 

Places for Sports & Activities in Pulau Ubin in Singapore

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