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Pulau Ubin Travel Guide

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Pulau Ubin is an island located off the eastern coast of Singapore. Heading to the island is akin to taking a trip back to the past right from the bumboat ride to the island. It is only about 15 minutes away by boat and is one of the few relatively untouched places in Singapore where visitors can enjoy a rustic and relaxing atmosphere far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The island is popular with locals for outdoor activities like cycling and hiking. Scattered throughout the island are authentic kampung houses which are a remnant of Singapore’s past.

Sights and Activities

Upon arriving at Pulau Ubin, visitors will come to the village. This is the most inhabited area of Pulau Ubin with numerous eateries and bicycle rental shops and is the place to stock up on any provisions like water as drinking water is not readily available outside of the village.

Right before visitors leave the village, be sure to take a look at the unique wayang stage, which is a stage for Chinese opera, found at the end of the path leading from the jetty. Outside of the village, there are few sights on Pulau Ubin. There are two temples located at the western part of the island namely the Wei Tuo Fa Gong Temple and the German Girl Shrine with the German Girl Shrine being more interesting just because of the legend behind it.

The quarries like Pekan Quarry are picturesque spots that are ideal for photo-taking but little else. For cycling enthusiasts, there is the Ketam Mountain Bike Park which offers different and challenging trails for seasoned mountain bikers. 

Nature lovers should head on to the Chek Jawa Wetlands located at the eastern part of the island.  Here visitors can get to observe the flora and fauna found at the mangrove swamp and along the coast of Pulau Ubin. Hiking trails and camping sites can be found throughout the island as well catering to hikers and campers.

Getting there

Bumboats operate the route between Changi Point Ferry Terminal and Pulau Ubin. There is no fixed schedule and the boats usually leave when there are either 11 or 12 people. It is thus likely to have to wait for quite a while if there are an insufficient number of people. The bumboats run daily and a trip one-way costs S$2.50.


There are limited choices for accommodations on Pulau Ubin. The more popular form of accommodation is camping and there are three designated camping sites located throughout the island. Permits are not required for camping but it is recommended for campers to register at the Pulau Ubin Police Post for safety reasons.

For more comfort, there is the Celestial Resort, which is the most expensive form of accommodation on the island.


The best way to explore and get around the island is definitely by bicycle. There are many bicycle rental shops near the jetty and bicycle rentals for the whole day range from S$3-10 depending on the quality of the bicycle.

Unless visitors are considering attempting the challenging Ketam Mountain Bike Path, a cheap S$3-bicycle is sufficient to get you around the island. Be sure to test the gears and brakes before embarking on your journey as some of the bicycles can be faulty, especially the cheaper ones.

Be sure to bring along insect repellent as the island is known to be populated with sandflys and other insects. It is also best to avoid the dirt paths during bad weather as they can get relatively muddy and slippery.  Swim and camp only at the designated spots for your own safety.

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