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Best Route Planner for Public Transport in Singapore

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Public transport in Singapore is efficient, safe and easy. For a first-time visitor, however,  the abbreviations might seem confusing. MRT, LRT, SBS, SMRT are some of the names of Singapore's land and rail transport systems. Although you can get information on MRT routes in Singapore and bus guides at any station, it is handy to have a route planner at your fingertips, be it as a iPhone application or a website.

Street Directory Singapore

Street Directory is the trusted name for directions in Singapore. Apart from providing listings for companies, it also has a map of Singapore which can be zoomed into the street level. To get directions, simply type in the first 2 or 3 characters from the where you are at and where you intend to go, and the automated search will generate some suggestions for you to choose from.

After you have keyed in the addresses, choose three different options for your route- either by driving, bus, or bus and MRT. From there, they will generate step by step instructions with details on the distance and time from one stop to another, with information on the bus stop number and the buses which service bus stops which go along that route.

You can print the map with directions included or send it to yourself or someone via email.
For a more comprehensive map, you can choose an option to include pictures so that you can view what the establishments or venues look like. It also reports information on traffic such as any accidents, road works and traffic flow.

SBS Transit

SBS Transit, one of the public bus operators in Singapore, has a route planner on its website which functions similarly to that of Street Directory's. Input the address you are travelling from and to by either typing the road name or landmark, such as the name of the building or MRT station. It does not have an automated recommended search option but it does refine your search after you have typed it your query.

After, you choose between either the shortest walking distance or the shortest traveling time. It shows your results by providing step by step directions and the amount of time traveled.

As it is by a bus operator, it also shows the timings of the bus service and an online fare calculator to calculate the fares required for your trip. A drawback is that the maps are not provided on the search result, so it would be troublesome to open a separate window to cross-reference.


Gothere.sg works similarly to Street Directory. Its map, which includes information on traffic, has additional functions such a street and satellite view. After you have keyed in an address, you can choose to view company listings or choose directions to and from.

Gothere.sg offers directions for bus, bus and MRT and taxi. It provides detailed and easy-to-read information with distance, duration, fares and transfers.

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