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Flea Markets in Singapore

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Flea markets in Singapore are not just about students selling tacky t-shirts or grown ups selling homeware trying to earn some cash during the weekends. There are vintage clothings, handcrafted jewelry and many other pre-loved items which are considered as trendy and at a bargain price. To each his own. Bring along your own shopping tote and dress in cotton top or bottom with sunnies. The following are flea markets which you should consider to drop by.

Zouk Flea and Easy

This is where all the cool cats come and sell their pre-loved items at a bargain price. Zouk Flea and Easy is held every third month at Zouk, of course. This flea market stands out from the rest because it has a special edition for each flea market event. For example, Beauty & The Feast Edition and Fashion Elite Edition. There are over 70 stalls selling items such as dresses, shoes, sunglasses, hats, jewelry, t-shirts, skirts, belts and many more from local style gurus, magazine editors and fashion personalities. 

Come in the afternoon at 2:30pm with light and comfortable clothes. The flea market is located indoors and it may get crowded at about 3pm but don't let others spoil your shopping mood. Remember to keep on searching for hidden treasures within the sea of clothes. Some cool cats do allow bargains and always be polite. The 'try-on' policy may apply to some stalls but there is always a queue at the ladies and gents. Therefore, wear something that is practical so that it is easy for you to try on the clothes and remove it without getting your hands tied. 

Zouk Flea and Easy has special offers on its alcohol beverages and finger food. The DJ's will keep you entertained with tracks that are perfect for a Sunday afternoon and interesting visuals on screen. Get yummy yoghurt at Frolick, which is located at Zouk's main entrance. Do some bargain shopping and reward yourself with cool delicious dessert. Now, that is the way to end a Sunday!

Flea Fly Flo Fun

We all have heard of "a man's junk is another man's treasure" and you never know what you can get at a flea market. Flea Fly Flo Fun happens twice every month at Home Club. This is where the kids who swear by Joy Division, Pulp Fiction and Mars Volta come to buy items such as t-shirts, sneakers, bags, sunglasses, hats and printed tops. The vibe is definitely different from Zouk's as this is catered for the younger crowd and students. 

Get ready your shopping tote and come to Homeclub at 3pm. Remember not to rush and keep your eyes wide open for anything that is worth buying. Some of the items are worn once or twice and others are brand new. Do check for holes in t-shirts or bags but don't be a brat and rant about minor scratches on belts or wallets. It is a flea market and not a boutique. If you still insist on trying the clothings, the ladies and gents are located all the way back. To avoid any hassle, know your size for pants and tops before coming down or simply ask the size from the boys or girls selling it. 

Flea Fly Flo Fun has Happy Hour prices, which costs SG$6 for a beer. 

Flea For A Cause

Recycling seems to be the main theme for this flea market. Flea For A Cause is a fundraiser done by Dunman High School, Victoria Junior College and Temasek Junior College. This flea market is driven by concerns about global issues and advocates eco fashion, which is environmentally friendly and has materials made from recycled items. It is located at *SCAPE Street + Market and you can expect items handcrafted from recycled items. This caters to students or anyone who wants to do some bargain shopping for a cause. Do note that this is a one time event but *SCAPE Street + Market has frequent flea markets every month.

Come around 1:30pm in a cotton top as the stalls are located indoors. Look for something that is quirky and unique. If it gets too crowded, step into *Scape for a break in the air-conditioned mall but don't give up yet! Although this flea market supports eco fashion, the art of recycling applies to selling pre-loved items to others. You can expect clothings to jewelry to bags and all for a good cause. 

In case you are thirsty and hungry, there are plenty of fast food outlets at Orchard Cineleisure, which is just next door. Grab an ice cold Lemon tea before continuing your shopping trip. 

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