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Taiwan Sports & Activities

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Popular sports in Taiwan include cycling (also a recommended way of touring the island) and hiking. The most popular team sports are basketball and baseball. Currently, Taiwan's most famous athlete is Yani Tseng (曾雅妮), the world's no. 1 female golfer.


While gambling is technically illegal in Taiwan, mahjong continues to be popular. The Taiwanese version of the game differs significantly from the better known Cantonese and Japanese versions, most notably because a hand consists of 16 tiles instead of the 13 used in other version. However, it remains mostly a family and friends affair, and there are no publicly advertised mahjong parlours.

Hot Springs

Taiwan's geographical location between an oceanic trench and a volcanic system makes it an ideal hot-springs vacation spot. There are more than 120 hot springs throughout the country. Those closest to downtown Taipei are Beitou, Wulai, Yangmingshan and Jinshan.

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