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Taiwan Climate & When to go

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Taiwan has a marine tropical climate, so the winters are cool (nighttime temperatures of eight degrees C) while the summers are sweltering and humid (lowland temperatures very often above 35 degrees C). June to September is best avoided because of the heat and also the occasional typhoons that can spoil the fun. The best time of year to visit is between October and December, although spring is also nice.

Because of Taiwan's amazingly diverse topography, weather patterns vary hugely from place to place. It snows above 3,000m, even in the south. Be prepared for much cooler temperatures if you're heading into Taiwan's mountainous regions.


Taiwan has dozens of festivals. Some are national, many are local. Some are celebrated by particular ethnic groups, and a few are recent contrivances designed to boost visitor numbers.

Spring Scream

This annual multi-day rock concert is the closest Taiwan has to Glastonbury in the UK or Lollapalooza in the US. Held in or near Kenting, the entire area gets swamped by young people. Taiwanese TV crews follow, eager to report on wild parties, drug busts and the latest bikini fashions.

Buddha's Birthday

Colorful but simple ceremonies are held at Buddhist monasteries to mark the supposed birthday of Buddha on the eighth day of the fourth lunar month. These generally consist of washing a statue of the Buddha and a vegetarian feast. It is appropriate to make offerings to monks and nuns at this time, though it is not mandatory.

Dragon-Boat Festival

A festival to commemorate Chinese patriotic poet Qu Yuan (屈原, b340BC), who drowned himself in a river out of despair that his beloved country, Chu, was being plundered by a neighboring country as a result of betrayal by his own people. The festival falls on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month (usually in June), and is marked by fiercely competitive dragon-boat races at various locations throughout the island.

Cherry Blossom Season

The appearance of cherry blossoms is celebrated on Yangmingshan and Alishan.

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