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Qingan Temple

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What makes Qingan Temple (慶安宮) special is its association with a man often called "Taiwan’s Confucius" because of his dedication to maintaining and spreading China's classical values. Shen Guang-wen (沈光文, 1613-1688) was one of tens of thousands of mainland Chinese who fled to Taiwan after the Manchus destroyed the Ming Dynasty and founded the Qing Empire. empire.

The temple was established circa 1700. Previously on the site, the VOC had operated a church and a one-room language school on this site; they dug a well to ensure a regular supply of water. After Taiwan was incorporated into the Qing empire, the church was closed and the school converted into a shrine dedicated to the five manifestations Wenchang Dijin (文昌帝君), a god of education. An earthquake flattened the shrine in 1904, and when a replacement was built, Mazu became the principal deity.

The current structure dates from just after World War II. Although the icons of Wenchang Dijin are now at the very back of the temple, they remain very popular with local students and their parents. Upstairs on the right there's a gallery with several works of calligraphy. The single effigy here depicts Shen as a sixth manifestation of Wenchang Dijin. Chinese-only information panels give the following biographical details: Shen arrived in Taiwan in 1651, more than a decade ahead of Koxinga, staying first in Yilan before relocating to the Tainan area; there he made a living teaching Chinese script to aborigines; 1665-1674 was spent in the hinterland, close to the frontier between Han civilization and "savage territory" dominated by aborigines; during his final years, Shen taught literature and medicine in this part of Shanhua.

Almost 1km away stands the Shen Guang-wen Memorial (沈光文紀念碑). If you follow the roadway that bear's the scholar's name, Guangwen Road, to where it crosses the railway line, you'll find this simple concrete obelisk at the end of a short lane a few meters west of the tracks.


From Tainan TRA Station, take a train northward to Shanhua. Follow Zhongshan Road (the road that leads directly away from the front of Shanhua Station) for around 10 minutes, and you'll see the temple on your right. If you want to minimize walking, take a bus from downtown Tainan to Madou, telling the driver that the temple is your destination.

Type: Monument/Building
Costs: free
Location: Taiwan
Street address: 470, Zhongshan Road, Shanhua District, Tainan City
Nearest public transport: Zhongshan Road bus stops
Opening hours: Daily 6am-9pm
Telephone: +88665817547

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