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Three Mountain Kings Temple (Lugang)

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Like the 130 other shrines in Taiwan that bear the exact same name, Lugang's Three Mountain Kings Temple (三山國王廟) was established and supported by members of the Hakka ethnic minority. Lugang's Hakka community is tiny, which perhaps explains why this temple is much quieter than other places of worship in the town.

Most temples have a squarish layout; not so this shrine, which is no wider than the old stores on either side but goes back almost 50m from the sidewalk. Instead of having three entrances like conventional temples, there is just one. The splendid woodcarvings of flowers and men on horseback that surround the doorway are said to be good examples of Chaozhou (潮州) temple art, and deserve a close look.

The Three Kings worshiped at the altar nearest the front are the King of Mount Jin (巾山國王, also known as 'Big King'), the King of Mount Ming (明山國王, 'Second King') and the King of Mount Du (獨山國王, 'Third King'). These peaks are in Guangdong.

The oldest item within the temple is an inscribed board hanging just inside the entrance. Barely legible, it reads hai-dong-lin-tian (海東霖田) and dates from 1737, the year the temple was founded. It beseeches the gods for the rain that waters the fields. Another valuable relic is the rectangular stone censer in front of the main altar. First used in 1799, it has been smoothed by 200-plus years of handling.


Frequent buses from Changhua and Taichung stop along Zhongshan Road.

Type: Monument/Building
Costs: free
Location: Taiwan
Street address: 276, Zhongshan Road, Lugang, Changhua County
Nearest public transport: Zhongshan Road bus stops
Opening hours: Daily 6am-9pm
Telephone: +88647776666

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