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A quaint backstreet in Tainan's Yanshui District. (SC)  <img src='http://www.guidegecko.com/images/spyglass1.png' align='texttop' /> Click for full image
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Taiwan Sights & Attractions


All Things to See in Taiwan

Monument/Building Beigang Yimin Shrine
Beigang's most intriguing place of worship has the misfortune of being just a few hundred meters from one of south Taiwan’s best known Mazu shrines. Were it located elsewhere, Beigang Yimin Shrine (北港&#... more
1 Fans, free, in Taiwan
Cemetery Danshui Foreigners Cemetery
Of all the outsiders who've died on Taiwanese soil in the past 200 years, relatively few were laid to rest in Danshui Foreigners Cemetery (淡水外僑墓園). Far more Western remains are gat... more
1 Fans, free, in Taiwan
Museum 921 Earthquake Museum
Historical events in Taiwan are often referred to by three- or four-digit number: the number of the month in which they occurred and the precise day in that month. For Taiwanese, "921" is a reference to the 7.3-m... more
NT$50, Children NT$30; free for everyone before Wednesday 10am, in Taiwan
Museum Academia Sinica
Academia Sinica (中央研究院) isn't usually thought of as a tourist attraction, even though the grounds of Taiwan's leading research institute are pleasantly leafy. Yet the campus has three ver... more
free, in Taiwan
Museum Anping Oyster Shell Cement Kiln Culture Chamber
Along Taiwan’s southwestern coast, it’s still possible to see modest houses - as well as edifices like Fort Zeelandia - built using cement made not from lime but from oyster shells. Such shells are a plentiful ... more
free, in Taiwan
Park Barclay Memorial Park
One of very few public facilities in Taiwan named after a non-Chinese, Barclay Memorial Park (巴克禮紀念公園) honors the life and work of a Presbyterian missionary, Rev. Thomas Bar... more
free, in Taiwan
Street Beimen Street
Beimen Street (北門街) has aged beautifully. Its name dates from the time when Hsinchu was a walled city – bei men means "north gate" - and many of the buildings date from the 1920s or ear... more
free, in Taiwan
Village Beipu
Nestled in the foothills southeast of Hsinchu City, Beipu (北埔) has retained much of its pre-industrial character. This small town and its hinterlands are dominated by Hakka people and blessed with unspoiled n... more
free, in Taiwan
Museum Black-Foot Disease Socio-Medical Service Memorial Hall
Engrossing for those interested in medical history and the role Christian missionaries have played in Taiwanese society, the Black-Foot Disease Socio-Medical Service Memorial Hall (台灣烏腳病&... more
free, in Taiwan
Museum Bo Yang Museum
Located next to the main campus of National Tainan University in an old residential neighborhood, Bo Yang Museum (柏楊文物館) is a two-story building celebrating the life and work of writer an... more
free, in Taiwan
Street Bopiliao
Between the early 18th century and the middle of the 19th century, Manka (艋舺, sometimes spelled Monga, Bangka or Mengjia), was north Taiwan's most important commercial center, and Bopiliao (剝皮&#... more
free, in Taiwan
Museum Buddha Memorial Center
Occupying a valley immediately northwest of Foguangshan, Buddha Memorial Center (佛陀紀念館) houses one of the most precious relics in Buddhism: A tooth believed to one of the Buddha's, retrie... more
free, in Taiwan
Monument/Building Chaotian Temple
One of Taiwan's premier Mazu shrines, Chaotian Temple (北港朝天宮) used to be the southern terminus of the annual pilgrimage that sets out each spring from Dajia Jenn Lann Temple. Since the la... more
free, in Taiwan
Monument/Building Cheng Huang Temple (Chiayi)
Chiayi's busiest place of worship is the religious equivalent of a department store. In the Cheng Huang Temple (隍廟廟), which was founded about three centuries ago, the pious make offerings not only to t... more
free, in Taiwan
Monument/Building Cheng Huang Temple (Lugang)
A short walk northward of Lugang's Three Mountain Kings Temple you'll find a much busier place of worship. Like other city- and town-god shrines around Taiwan, Lugang's Cheng Huang Temple (城隍廟) is wher... more
free, in Taiwan
Monument/Building Cheng Huang Temple (Tainan)
Taiwan's oldest city-god shrine, Tainan's Cheng Huang Temple (城隍廟) was founded in 1669 and rebuilt in 1777. Before entering, do scan the ornate facade and find the two statuettes of European men positi... more
free, in Taiwan
Monument/Building Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall
Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall (中正纪念堂) is dedicated to the memory of the man who ruled Taiwan with an iron fist for three decades. Planning for the memorial began within a month of Chiang ... more
free, in Taiwan
Park Chiang Kai-Shek's Shilin Residence Park
For a quarter of a century, what's now called Chiang Kai-shek's Shilin Residence Park (士林官邸公園) served as the main Taipei abode of the generalissimo and Madame Chiang Kai-shek. The ... more
house NT$100, Children NT$50; grounds free, in Taiwan
Monument/Building Chung Tai Chan Monastery
Chung Tai Chan Monastery (中台禪寺) is the headquarters of Chung Tai Shan (中台山), a Buddhist monastic order with branches throughout Asia, North America and Australia. The order ... more
free, in Taiwan
Exhibition Cihu Sculpture Memorial Park
Cihu (慈湖) is synonymous with Chiang Kai-shek. The generalissimo spent a lot of time here, saying the pretty hill country reminded him of his hometown on the Chinese mainland. He had a secret command center bu... more
free, in Taiwan
Cemetery Cimetiere Francais De Kilung
In 1884, war broke out between France and China over Annam, part of what is now Vietnam. China regarded Annam as a tributary state, and were angered when the French incorporated it into their Indochinese colony. On October... more
free, in Taiwan
Monument/Building Confucius Temple (Changhua)
Not nearly so crowded as its counterparts in Taipei and Tainan, and yet just as historic and picturesque, Changhua's Confucius Temple (彰化孔廟) is a highlight if you're on a walking tour of Changhu... more
free, in Taiwan
Monument/Building Confucius Temple (Tainan)
In his 2001 travelog Keeping Up With the War God, Steven Crook compares entering the grounds of this gorgeous shrine to, "falling through a trapdoor into a different world." You may very well feel the same way as... more
free, in Taiwan
Monument/Building Dajia Jenn Lann Temple
One of Taiwan's wealthiest and most influential shrines, Dajia Jenn Lann Temple (大甲鎮瀾宮) is a center of the islandwide Mazu cult, and the starting and ending point for what's said to be th... more
free, in Taiwan
Monument/Building Dalongdong Baoan Temple
Considered by many to be Taipei's most stunning shrine, Dalongdong Baoan Temple (大龍峒保安宮) was founded in 1742 so residents of this historic neighborhood could make offerings to Baos... more
free, in Taiwan
Monument/Building Danshui Old Li Houses
Li (李, often spelled Lee) is one of Taiwan's ten most-common family names, and in the northwestern part of New Taipei City it seems to be an especially popular surname. The late puppeteer and folk artist Li Tien-lu ... more
free, in Taiwan
Street Dihua Street
Among Taiwanese, Dihua Street (迪化街) is synonymous with pre-Lunar New Year shopping expeditions during which dried fruits, nuts and other treats are bought by the bagful. For tourists, the street's colo... more
free, in Taiwan
Monument/Building Ding Mansion
Ding Mansion (丁家大宅), a fully restored late 19th-century scholar's abode, is an attraction you'd could easily walk right past. On one side it's hidden behind an interwar house similar to many oth... more
free, in Taiwan
Monument/Building Dongyue Hall
Often described as Tainan's creepiest temple, Dongyue Hall (東嶽殿) is a gloomy and claustrophobic place, and many of the people you'll see praying and burning joss paper here are relatives of the recentl... more
free, in Taiwan
Monument/Building Du Cheng Huang Temple
Established in 1748, Hsinchu's Du Cheng Huang Temple (都城隍廟) is notable for its superb effigies and also the unusual eminence of its main deity. Most of the current structure dates from just after 1924, when the building was demolished... more
free, in Taiwan
Monument/Building Fangliao Yimin Temple
One of the largest, and certainly the best known, of the 40-odd places of worship in Taiwan dedicated to yimin, Fangliao Yimin Temple (枋寮義民廟) is central to the religious life of many Hakk... more
free, in Taiwan
Monument/Building Foguangshan
Established in 1967 on what was then a hillside covered by thorny bushes, Foguangshan (佛光山) has grown into one of Taiwan's best known Buddhist monasteries. In architectural terms, the complex is slight... more
free, in Taiwan
Gallery Forest Of Stelae
In the same park as the Great South Gate, inscribed stone rectangles have been gathered from the Tainan area and assembled to create an outdoors display. The Forest of Stelae (大南門碑林), as ... more
free, in Taiwan
Monument/Building Former British Consular Residence
The Former British Consular Residence (打狗英國領事館) is where the British Empire's diplomatic representative in south Taiwan lived between 1879 and 1897. This single-story redbri... more
NT$30, Children & Seniors NT$20, in Taiwan
Monument/Building Fort Provintia
Fort Provintia (赤崁樓) was built by the Dutch in 1653 on land purchased from Sirayan aborigines for 15 bolts of cloth. This second VOC fort - actually three inter-connected buildings - was needed because... more
NT$50, Seniors & Students NT$25, in Taiwan
Monument/Building Fort San Domingo
Built by the Dutch, known by the name given by the Spanish to an earlier structure on this site, and then occupied for over a century by the British, Fort San Domingo (淡水紅毛城) is one of th... more
free, in Taiwan
Monument/Building Fort Zeelandia
But for a few walls and foundations, nothing remains of Fort Zeelandia (安平古堡, also called Anping Old Fort), the stronghold built by the Dutch East India Company and named after the vessel on whi... more
NT$50, Children & Seniors NT$25, in Taiwan
Gallery Fragrant Osmanthus Artists Village
What's been called Lugang Assembly Hall (鹿港人民公會堂) since its inauguration in 1928 now has an additional name: Lugang Fragrant Osmanthus Alley Artists Village (鹿港... more
free, in Taiwan
Monument/Building Futai Street Mansion
Futai Street Mansion (撫台街洋樓) is a European-style two-floor edifice built around 1910 to serve as the head office of the Takaishi Group, a construction company. Established by one of the f... more
free, in Taiwan
Monument/Building Grass Mountain Chateau
During the 26 years he spent in Taiwan, Chiang Kai-shek used at least 20 different residences, including one in Shilin and another (now demolished) beside Sun Moon Lake. Among them, none had a better view from its living r... more
NT$30, in Taiwan
Monument/Building Great Queen of Heaven Temple
This stunningly colorful shrine and the adjacent Sacrificial Rites Martial Temple were built in 1664 as a residence for Prince Ning Jing (寧靖王, 1617-1683), the Ming pretender and titular head of the Kin... more
free, in Taiwan
Monument/Building Great South Gate
The Great South Gate (大南門) is the best preserved and most impressive of Tainan's four surviving (out of the original nine) city gates. Now surrounded by parkland and a leafy campus, you'll find it an e... more
free, in Taiwan
Monument/Building Gupoliao Jhuang Family Residence
A splendid location for photographers, Gupoliao Jhuang Family Residence (姑婆寮莊家古厝) was built by two brothers surnamed Zhuang (莊, sometimes spelled Jhuang or Chuang) du... more
free, in Taiwan
Monument/Building Hall Of Still Thoughts
In addition to being a major religious landmark, the Hall of Still Thoughts (靜思堂) is an excellent place to learn about the origins of and the work done by the Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundat... more
free, in Taiwan
Park Hatta Yoichi Memorial Park
Hatta Yoichi Memorial Park (八田與一紀念園區) honors a Japanese civil engineer who during the colonial period unlocked the agricultural potential of southwest Taiwan. Located... more
free, in Taiwan
Monument/Building Hobe Fort
Now hidden behind trees, Hobe Fort (滬尾砲台) once commanded the mouth of the Danshui River, the Chinese soldiers stationed there having clear views and fields of fire over both the estuary and part... more
free, in Taiwan
Monument/Building Holy Rosary Cathedral
Holy Rosary Cathedral (前金天主堂) isn't Taiwan's largest or best-attended church. However, the headquarters of the Catholic Diocese of Kaohsiung is the oldest of the ROC's seven cathedrals as... more
free, in Taiwan
Museum Houtong Coal-Mine Ecological Park
Houtong, a tiny riverside town squeezed between forest-covered hills, has only had one industry in its short, hardscrabble history: Coal mining. The last mine closed down in 1990 and for two decades the infrastructure rust... more
free, in Taiwan
Monument/Building Hsiao Family Residence
The 150-year-old Hsiao Family Residence (蕭家古厝), which covers 0.4 hectares and once housed more than 100 members of the same clan, is perhaps the finest traditional mansion south of Lin Family Ga... more
NT$50 / Children NT$30, in Taiwan
Gallery Huashan 1914 Creative Park
Huashan 1914 Creative Park (華山1914文創園區) is a former winery that's now a popular arts venue. Alcohol production here was halted in 1987 for two reasons. Nearby residents were unhapp... more
varies, in Taiwan
Street Hukou Old Street
The main attraction of Hukou, a quiet town near Hsinchu, is Hukou Old Street (湖口老街). The 200-plus shop-houses here were built around 1914; together, they form perhaps the most complete Japanese-... more
free, in Taiwan
Street Jinbaoli Old Street
If you're driving or traveling by bus along Taiwan's north coast, one of the best places to stop for a meal or a stroll is Jinshan (金山), a town whose name means "gold mountain." Rather than signify ... more
free, in Taiwan
Museum Jinguashi Gold Ecological Park
Mining enriched the twin towns of Jiufen (九份) and Jinguashi (金瓜石) in the first half of the 20th century. Gold was the key mineral, but substantial amounts of copper were also extracted. W... more
free, in Taiwan
Monument/Building Jinshi Mansion
At the northern end of Beimen Street, you'll find the decaying remains of the formerly splendid Jinshi Mansion (進士第). This single-story five-courtyard mansion was built in 1838 on the orders of Zheng Y... more
not open to the public, in Taiwan
Museum Kaohsiung Hakka Culture Park
Kaohsiung Hakka Culture Park (高雄市新客家文化園區) consists of a museum, a theater where cultural performances are held, and a 1.05km-long ecological trail besid... more
Museum free; Theater NT$400, Students NT$250, in Taiwan
Exhibition Kaohsiung Museum Of Fine Arts
Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts (高雄市立美術館) has four floors of galleries with a worthwhile mix of local, national and international art, including paintings, sculpture, photogra... more
free, in Taiwan
Museum Lanyang Museum
Created to preserve and explain the history, culture and ecology of northeastern Taiwan, Lanyang Museum (蘭陽博物館) has also won awards for its eye-catching design. Likened by some to a "... more
Adults NT$100, children NT$50, in Taiwan
Monument/Building Lin Family Gardens
The Lin Family Gardens (林家花園), sometimes called the Lin Ben-yuan Residence (林本源邸), is probably the only reason you'll want to head out to Banqiao, a substantial but l... more
free, in Taiwan
Monument/Building Little West Gate
What used to be Tainan's Little West Gate (小西門) now stands on the main campus of National Cheng Kung Univeristy (國立成功大學). Until the city's walls and five of th... more
free, in Taiwan
Monument/Building Little White House
Despite its name, the Little White House (小白宮) has nothing to do with the presidency of the United States, the ROC or any other country. Rather, this beautiful abode which looks out over the Danshui Ri... more
free, in Taiwan
Monument/Building Longshan Temple (Lugang)
If the putative founding date of 1653 is correct, Lugang's Longshan Temple (鹿港龍山寺) is oldest Buddhist shrine in Taiwan. Originally located on what is now Dayou Street - around 600m to the... more
free, in Taiwan
Museum Lugang Folk Arts Museum
Like many other mercantile clans in Lugang, the Koo (辜) family responded to the town's decline by looking for opportunities in other parts of Taiwan. Having made a fortune from salt production, the family - which re... more
NT$130, Students NT$70, in Taiwan
Park Luodong Forestry Culture Garden
Once a place where trees felled deep in the mountains were stored and cut up, Luodong Forestry Culture Garden (羅東林業文化園區) is now a nature preserve as well as a place w... more
free, in Taiwan
Monument/Building Magic School Of Green Technology
This four-floor, 4,799m2 building is a landmark in sustainable architecture. Known in Chinese as the Y. S. Sun Green Building Research Center (孫運璿綠建築研究大樓... more
free, in Taiwan
Monument/Building Mengjia Longshan Temple
Taipei natives sometimes describe Mengjia Longshan Temple (艋舺龍山寺) as touristy, and in relative terms they're right. Whenever you come to this sizable house of worship - established in 173... more
free, in Taiwan
Street Minquan Road Section 1 (Tainan)
Minquan Road Section 1 (民權路一段) is where Tainan's religious go shopping. It has the largest concentration of stores selling ritual items used in folk, Taoist and Buddhist rites in south Ta... more
free, in Taiwan
Monument/Building Minxiong Haunted House
A long-abandoned residence, Minxiong Haunted House (民雄鬼屋) has become a minor tourist attraction especially popular with college students. Taiwanese who don’t feel comfortable uttering the ... more
free, in Taiwan
Museum Museum Of Drinking Water
The Museum of Drinking Water (台北自來水博物館) is one of Taipei's smaller museums. For many visitors, the attraction is not so much the information about how the city was su... more
NT$80, Seniors & Students NT$60, in Taiwan
Monument/Building Nankunshen Daitian Temple
Nankunshen Daitian Temple (南鯤鯓代天府) was established sometime in the early 17th century when effigies of five divine personalities drifted here on an unmanned boat. The Fujianese fis... more
free, in Taiwan
Amusement Park National Center For Traditional Arts
Conceived as a place where traditional arts and crafts could be studied, preserved and transmitted to future generations, the National Center for Traditional Arts (國立傳統藝術中心) is rightfully one of the northea... more
Adults NT$150 / students NT$100, in Taiwan
Museum National Museum of Natural Science
It's easy to spend half a day in and around the National Museum of Natural Science (國立自然科學博物館, NMNS), one of the best and most child-friendly museums outside T... more
adults NT$100 / children NT$70, in Taiwan
Museum National Museum of Taiwan History
Open to the public since October 2011, the National Museum of Taiwan History (國立臺灣歷史博物館, NMTH) is the first institution to present a comprehensive historical o... more
NT$80, Children NT$40, in Taiwan
Museum National Museum Of Taiwan Literature
Before entering the National Museum of Taiwan Literature (國立臺灣文學館, NMTL), you should spend a few minutes scanning the exterior of this 1916 Baroque-style edifice, which once... more
free, in Taiwan
Museum National Palace Museum
Often described as one of the world's four greatest museums, the National Palace Museum (國立故宮博物院, NPM) is for many visitors the highlight of their time in Taipei. Based on p... more
NT$250, Children NT$150, in Taiwan
Monument/Building National Revolutionary Martyrs Shrine
The National Revolutionary Martyrs Shrine (國民革命忠烈祠) was built in 1967-69 to honor those who died fighting for the KMT (Chinese Nationalist) cause against the Qing Empire, th... more
free, in Taiwan
Museum National Science and Technology Museum
Designed to educate as much as entertain, the National Science and Technology Museum (國立科學工藝博物館) is for local and expatriate families one of south Taiwan's mos... more
adults NT$100, students NT$70, in Taiwan
Museum National Taiwan Museum
Founded in the colonial era as a museum commemorating the achievements of Kodama Gentaro and Goto Shinpei (the first civilian governor and the first chief of civil affairs in the Japanese colonial authority in Taiwan, resp... more
NT$20, Students & Seniors NT$10, in Taiwan
Monument/Building Old Mountain Railway Line
Taiwan's main north-south railroad splits in two south of Hsinchu, only to reunite between Taichung and Changhua. Trains taking the Coastal Line take in towns such as Dajia, while those on the Mountain Line stop at Sanyi. ... more
free, in Taiwan
Monument/Building Old Nippon Kangyo Bank (Tainan Branch)
Founded by the Japanese government in 1897, the Nippon Kangyo Bank's function in Taiwan was very similar to its role in Japan; it existed to promote industrial and agricultural development. The bank was privatized by the J... more
free, in Taiwan
Monument/Building Old Tainan Watercourse
The Old Tainan Watercourse (原台南水道) hasn't functioned for more than two decades, but the complex – two large buildings plus a handful of smaller structures, surrounded by tall trees ... more
free, in Taiwan
Museum Presidential and Vice-Presidential Artifacts Museum
Mainly for those interested in the ROC's political history, the Presidential and Vice-Presidential Artifacts Museum (總統副總統文物館) is best taken in before or after a tour... more
free, in Taiwan
Monument/Building Puji Temple
One of Xinbeitou's less well known gems, Puji Temple (普濟寺) doesn't go out of its way to attract tourists, and casual visitors are not allowed inside the actual shrine. Nevertheless, the graceful exteri... more
free, in Taiwan
Monument/Building Puli Paper Dome
Puli's Taomi Community (埔里鎮桃米區), which has a population of 1,200, suffered very heavy damage in the 921 Earthquake. Since its rebuilding it has successfully repositioned itself as ... more
NT$50, in Taiwan
Village Qihou
Many visitors have two motives for going to Qijin Island (旗津, also spelled Cijin), the long finger of land that protects Kaohsiung Harbor from the open seas. One is to enjoy the short but fun boat crossing fr... more
free, in Taiwan
Monument/Building Qingan Temple
What makes Qingan Temple (慶安宮) special is its association with a man often called "Taiwan’s Confucius" because of his dedication to maintaining and spreading China's classical values. S... more
free, in Taiwan
Monument/Building Sacrificial Rites Martial Temple
The Sacrificial Rites Martial Temple (祀典武廟) is where, throughout the Qing Dynasty, senior mandarins participated in rituals honoring Guan Gong. For this reason, it's name is often translated as ... more
free, in Taiwan
Museum Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museum
Sanyi (三義) has been Taiwan’s foremost woodcarving center since the 1930s, and the town has few industries apart from the making and selling of functional and decorative items from camphor and other wood... more
Adults NT$80, Seniors & Students NT$50, in Taiwan
Museum Shihsanhang Museum Of Archaeology
Housed in a striking building inspired by the shape of whales, sand dunes and ocean waves, Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology (十三行博物館) won a major architecture award even before it ... more
free, in Taiwan
Monument/Building Shunsian Temple
Inaugurated in 2008, Shunsian Temple (順賢宮) doesn't have much history. However, it's already become a major cultural site on account of its role in the annual Songjiang Battle Array (宋江... more
free, in Taiwan
Monument/Building Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall
Dr. Sun Yat-sen (孫逸仙, 1866-1925) is one of the few Chinese historical figures revered in both the Republic of China and the People's Republic of China. He died long before Taiwan was incorporated into ... more
free, in Taiwan
Park Sun Yat-Sen Park & Memorial House
Located a stone's throw from Taipei's main bus and train stations, Sun Yat-sen Park (逸仙公園) surrounds the Sun Yat-sen Memorial House (國父史蹟紀念館). No... more
free, in Taiwan
Park Taichung Botanical Gardens
Operated by and just across the road from the National Museum of Natural Science, Taichung Botanical Garden (台中植物園) boasts 700-plus species of plants and trees spread over 4.5 hectares. T... more
free; greenhouse NT$20, in Taiwan
Museum Taichung Folklore Park
A worthwhile destination if you want to learn about the lifestyles of pre-industrial Taiwan, Tai­chung Folklore Park (台中民俗公園) has reconstructions of traditional buildings and a... more
Free, in Taiwan
Monument/Building Taipei 101
Taiwan's most famous building on account of its former status as the world's tallest (according to three popular definitions - highest roof, highest occupied floor and highest tip), you'll surely have already seen the 509m... more
NT$500, Children NT$450 (observatory), in Taiwan
Museum Taipei 228 Memorial Museum
Housed in a former radio station building that was occupied by protestors during 1947's 2-28 Incident, Taipei 228 Memorial Museum (台北二二八紀念館) presents a version of tha... more
NT$20, in Taiwan
Park Taipei Botanical Garden
A magnificent oasis of greenery near the heart of the city, Taipei Botanical Garden (台北植物園) was established as a research center in first few years of Japanese rule, and only opened its d... more
free, in Taiwan
Museum Taiwan Theater Museum
There's a good reason why the Taiwan Theater Museum (台灣戲劇館) is located in Yilan, a county in Taiwan's northeast which - until less than a decade ago - was somewhat hard to reach from the ... more
free, in Taiwan
Monument/Building Taoyuan Martyrs Shrine
In the 1930s and early 1940s, when Japan sought to "Nipponify" Taiwan, Shinto shrines funded by the colonial authorities were established throughout the island. Many were demolished soon after Taiwan returned to ... more
free, in Taiwan
Monument/Building Temple Of The Lord Of The North Pole
Squeezed between shops and lacking the drum and bell towers common in major shrines, the Temple of the Lord of the North Pole (北極殿, aka Beiji Temple) is devoted to a god considered a guardian of the Mi... more
free, in Taiwan
Exhibition Ten Drum Culture Village
Ten Drum Art Percussion Group (十鼓擊樂團), a  performance and educational troupe renowned for its innovative yet authentic approach to folk culture, is based in a former sugar refinery o... more
NT$300, Students NT$280, in Taiwan
Monument/Building The Octagon
What's now called The Octagon (八角樓) is the only surviving part of a mansion complex built in the late Qing Dynasty for Ye Kai-hong (葉開鴻), a Fujian-born sugar magnate who made his f... more
free, in Taiwan
Monument/Building Three Mountain Kings Temple (Lugang)
Like the 130 other shrines in Taiwan that bear the exact same name, Lugang's Three Mountain Kings Temple (三山國王廟) was established and supported by members of the Hakka ethnic minority. Lug... more
free, in Taiwan
Monument/Building Tianhou Temple (Lugang)
Lugang's busiest place of worship, and likely one of Taiwan's ten most lively shrines, the Tianhou Temple (天后宮) may well be the oldest place of worship on the island. According to some sources, it was ... more
free, in Taiwan
Monument/Building Wanhe Temple
Located in one of the most traditional neighborhoods in downtown Taichung, Wanhe Temple (萬和宮) was established in 1726 by 12 local families. It has become one of central Taiwan's major Mazu shrines and ... more
free, in Taiwan
Monument/Building Wanjin Basilica
Wanjin Basilica (萬金聖母聖殿) is Taiwan's oldest church, having been founded in 1863 by Spanish Dominican missionary Father Fernando Sainz (1832-1895). The first edition of the church, ... more
free, in Taiwan
Monument/Building Wuchang Temple
Before 1999's 921 Earthquake, Wuchang Temple (武昌宫) was little known outside the bucolic township of Jiji (集集鎮). If some members of the shrine's management committee secretly hoped ... more
free, in Taiwan
Village Wugou Hakka Community
Founded by Hakka migrants from Guangdong who migrated to Taiwan during the reign of Emperor Kangxi (1654-1722), Wugou Hakka Community (五溝) is a superbly preserved and characterful village of approximately 400... more
free, in Taiwan
Monument/Building Wushantou Dam
Wushantou Dam (烏山頭水庫), a 1,273m-long, 66m-high rock-filled barrage, is a landmark in the history of civil engineering and the centerpiece of an irrigation system which transformed the Chi... more
NT$200, Children NT$120, in Taiwan
Monument/Building Xia-Hai City God Temple
Thanks to plentiful English-language labeling, Western visitors find Xia-Hai City God Temple (霞海城隍廟) more accessible than the majority of Taiwanese shrines. The city god icon here origina... more
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Monument/Building Xiaonan Chenghuang Temple
The least well-known of Tainan's three city-god temples, Xiaonan Chenghuang Temple (小南城隍廟) is of note mainly through its connection with Zhu Yi-gui, the duck farmer who led one of the mos... more
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Monument/Building Xinhua Elementary School Feng An Sanctum
During the Japanese colonial period, every school in Taiwan had on its campus a small windowless structure that was kept locked most of the time. Portraits of the Japanese royal family were kept inside, as was a copy of th... more
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Monument/Building Xinhua Old Street
Taiwan's most intact and attractive 1920s street, Xinhua Old Street (新化老街) remains the business hub of Xinhua, which is now part of Tainan City but which retains the ambiance of a country town. ... more
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Museum Yang Kuei Literature Memorial Museum
The most visually pleasing modern structure in the heart of old Xinhua, Yang Kuei Literature Memorial Museum (楊逵文學紀念館) celebrates the life and work of an author who was... more
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Monument/Building Yingxi Old East Gate
Hsinchu's only remaining city gate dates from 1827, a year after Zheng Yong-xi (the scholar-official who built Jinshi Mansion) organized 47 of the town's leading citizens to petition the imperial court in Beijing for permi... more
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Monument/Building Yuanxing House
Yuanxing House (源興居) is an old but well-preserved farmhouse in the hills above Sanzhi (三芝), a small town on the north coast road between Danshui and Keelung. It's famous because it was he... more
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Museum Yunlin Hand Puppet Museum
Yunlin Hand Puppet Museum (雲林布袋戲館) celebrates the art form known in Chinese as budaixi (袋布戲, "hand puppet drama"). The museum is located in Huwei, a ... more
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Monument/Building Yushan Holy Glory Temple
Set amid pretty foliage-covered hills, Yushan Holy Glory Temple (玉山寶光寺) is a beautiful and strikingly large religious complex. Despite the shrine's name, there's no connection between it ... more
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Monument/Building Zheng Family Shrine
Taiwanese folk surnamed Zheng have good reason to be pround of their ancestry. Zheng Chenggong (鄭成功, 1624-1662), better known as Koxinga, is remembered throughout the Chinese world as the man who evict... more
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Monument/Building Zhongshan Hall
Now a venue for concerts and conferences, Zhongshan Hall (中山堂) earned its place in history when the Japanese colonial authorities in Taiwan signed an instrument of surrender here on October 25, 1945, b... more
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Monument/Building Zhulian Temple
Zhulian Temple (竹蓮寺) has a long and intriguing history. Founded in the early 18th century by lowland aborigines who had adopted Han Chinese religious practices, it was initially just a thatched hut loc... more
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