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Beimen Street

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Beimen Street (北門街) has aged beautifully. Its name dates from the time when Hsinchu was a walled citybei men means "north gate" - and many of the buildings date from the 1920s or earlier. The businesses that operate here cater to middle-aged residents and their conservative tastes. There are tailors, barbers, rice vendors, dried-goods shops and sellers of herbal medicine. An hour is enough to wander the length of this street, peer into some of these old-style businesses, and appreciate various architectural details.

Very close to the intersection of Beimen Street and Beida Road (北大路), you’ll find two shrines side by side: Changhe Temple (長和宮) and Shuixian Temple (水仙宮). The former was founded as a Mazu shrine in 1742 and used to serve as a gathering point for the members of various trade guilds. Guildsmen funded renovations in 1819 and 1866. The latter temple is newer, being built in the 1860s to house an icon of the Water Immortal Honorable King that was originally worshiped in the Changhe Temple.

The northern end of Beimen Street, where you'll find Jinshi Mansion, joins Zhongzheng Road. Turn right here and wander toward the train station, or back track and explore the old alleyways around Rende Street (仁德街).


Walking from Hsinchu TRA Station, head along Datong Road, then turn left when you reach Zhongshan Road. At the Prefectural Cheng Huang Temple, turn right and you'll be on Beimen Street. The total distance is about 1km.

Type: Street
Costs: free
Location: Taiwan
Street address: Beimen Street, North District, Hsinchu City
Nearest public transport: Prefectural Cheng Huang Temple bus stop
Opening hours: 24/7

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