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Thailand Good to Know

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Bring an open mind and a sense of humour. Don't come with too many preconceived ideas about what Thailand is like, as media and friends’ experiences have a habit of distorting reality.

There are several things that are considered disrespectful in Thailand and among them are touching a Thai on the head and making negative remarks about the Royal Family. Dressing should also be on the conservative side although foreigners are mostly pardoned for this. Monks do not touch women so if you are female, do not be offended if a monk accepts your donation or gift using other methods except taking it from your hands.

The currency of Thailand is the baht (THB). The most useful bills tend to be 20s and 100s, as many small shops and stalls don't carry much change. Taxi drivers also like to pull the "no change" trick; if caught, hop into the nearest convenience store and make a small purchase. Beware of 1000-baht notes, as counterfeits are not uncommon: feel the embossing, look for the watermark and tilt to see color-changing ink to make sure the note is real.

The Time Zone for Thailand is GMT +7.

Thailand uses elecricity at of 220V/50Hz with 2-pin plugs that is the same as the American or European plugs. Adapters are easily available and not to mention cheap, at a shopping haven like Thailand.

Essential Places in Thailand

Internet Café Bangkok Post
One of the better English-language newspapers of the country, but also includes sections on travel, leisure, entertainment, life and classifieds in Bangkok.
in Bangkok
Internet Café BK Magazine
Bangkok's premier city living magazine; a guide to the city's restaurants, nightlife, travel, arts and more. New additions release weekly and are distributed in selected venues.
in Bangkok
Internet Café Crank Tavern
Internet is free if you by a drink. They have fast ADSL equipped with Skype and you will be in comfortable surroundings.
in Chiang Mai
Internet Café Buddy Internet
in Chiang Mai
Internet Café Bangkok Airways
in Pattaya
Internet Café Thai Airways International
Directionsnear the Dolphin Roundabout
in Pattaya
Internet Café American
- US Embassy local representatives for emergencies - Gary Hacker: dial 098030388 / Glenn Holthaus: dial 038424998
in Pattaya
Internet Café British
- Soi 5, Jomtien, close to the Immigration Office (open 9:00 AM - 11:30 AM), honorary consul (Howard Miller): dial 087 747 8555
in Pattaya
Internet Café Danish
- consulate: 75/128-129 Soi Sukasem, Jomtien Beach Road; dial 038231630
in Pattaya
Internet Café French
- honorary consul (Pierre de Brugerolle de Fraissinette): Espace Francophone La Fontaine, 280/3 Beach Road, South Pattaya (southern end of Walking Street); Wed+Fri 14:00-16:00 dial 038710800 /2
in Pattaya
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