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Trekking in Thailand

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Thailand has a lot of beautiful landscape, but getting away from the crowded towns and busy roads isn't that easy. Multi-day jungle and hill treks - especially popular in and around Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Pai and Umphang - are strenuous but immensely rewarding. You'll not only immerse yourself in nature, but also see something of Thailand's ethnic minorities.

Along the way, you'll stay in villages and sleep in wooden or bamboo huts.

Typically, the first day will begin with a ride in a truck or songthaew to the starting point. This could be less than an hour, or several hours, away. During the first stretch of walking, you're likely to see Thai farmers working in their fields, and rural families doing everyday chores such as washing their clothes in the nearest stream.

Also, ask the operator how much of each day will be spent walking, as trekking groups often make stops at waterfalls and swimming holes; for this reason it's a good idea to wear swimwear under your clothes.


Even if you're an experienced outdoorsman, don't go trekking without a guide, as getting lost in Thailand's forests is a very real possibility

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