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To Taiwan, On Budget, With Freedom

To Taiwan, On Budget, With Freedom                   Click here to preview
by Kendrick Koh

Destinations: Taiwan

Categories: 1 month or more trips, 1-2 week trips, 2-4 week trips, 4-7 day trips, Backpacker, City, Day trips, Expatriate, Honeymoon & Romance, Mountain, Nature, Single, Student, Weekend trips, Women, Work & Travel

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English, 269 pages,     (3 ratings)

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Wonder how is it possible to go for a month trip to Taiwan, spending on average of less than SGD$2000 (USD$1600) for the whole trip (including air ticket), without compromising the places of attractions and even visiting more places than tourists?

You can be a backpacker backpacking to Taiwan or just someone who just want to explore the most out of your Taiwan trip, or be it someone who is planning for your own Taiwan itinerary, this book is for you!

This e-travelogue will teach you how I did it! To Taiwan, On Budget, With Freedom will show you the best and nicest place in Taiwan that is not known to tourist. It covers different places in Taiwan, from the north to the south, east to west, and even to the island of Penghu.

A must buy for all travelers planning on a trip to Taiwan! Include tips on how to save some extra bucks. The amount that you save will certainly make up for the cost of this e-travelogue!!

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Published on 30-03-2012
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