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 Transport from Singapore to Johor, Malaysia

GuideGecko Travel Magazine > Transport from Singapore to Johor, Malaysia


Transport from Singapore to Johor, Malaysia

From Singapore to Johor, Malaysia


Johor Bahru

Johor Bahru in Malaysia is popular among Singaporeans who want to get cheaper prices for their shopping, beauty treatments, haircuts and golf games. Many buses travel from Singapore to Johor Bahru, and the bus fare for any Singapore to JB bus is usually under SGD4.



Taking a bus from Singapore to Malaysia


All buses going from Singapore to Johor Bahru, Malaysia stop at Singapore immigration and Malaysian immigration where you must alight with all your luggage and your passport to go through customs. The entire process of crossing the Causeway takes at least an hour. 


For more information, check our designated page on how to get from Singapore to Malaysia by Bus.


  • SBS Bus 170 (SBS 170)

This is the most popular SBS bus to Malaysia. Board SBS 170 in Singapore at Queen Street Terminal or Kranji MRT (faster, but further away from the city). Kranji MRT is just 10 minutes from the border. SBS Bus 170 (red plate, S$1.30) alights at Larkin Terminal in JB, while SBS Bus 170 (blue plate, S$1.00) alights at Kotaraya Terminal in JB. Bus 170 is the most convenient SBS bus to Johor.


  • SBS Bus 160 (SBS 160)

Another popular SBS bus to JB, Malaysia. Board SBS 160 at Jurong East MRT via Kranji MRT and alight at Kotaraya Terminal. (S$1.50)

For more information on SBS buses, visit Singapore Bus Services’ website.

SBS Customer Services hotline: 1800 287 2727 (Mon-Fri, except public holidays, 8am-6pm)
SBS Lost and Found hotline: +65 6383 7211


  • SMRT Bus 950 (SMRT 950)

Board SMRT 950 at Woodlands MRT via Marsiling MRT and alight at Kotaraya Terminal (S$1.20)
For more information on SMRT buses, visit SMRT’s website.

SMRT customer hotline: 1800 3368 900 (Mon-Fri, except public holidays, 7.30am-6.30pm)
SMRT customer relations email: CorpComms@smrt.com.sg

  • Causeway Link (CW1, 2, 3)

Board CW1 at Kranji MRT, and alight at Larkin Terminal via Kotaraya Terminal. (S$1-1.30)
Board CW2 at Queen Street Terminal and alight at Larkin Terminal. (S$3)
Board CW3 at Jurong East MRT and alight at Taman Bukit Indah via the Second Link. (S$4)

For more information on Causeway Link buses, visit the Handal Indah website.
Causeway Link customer hotline: 6896 4084
Counter: L3-25B IMM Building Jurong East St 21
Causeway Link email: handal@singnet.com.sg


  • Singapore-Johor Express    

Board the Singapore-Johor Express at Queen Street Terminal and alight at Larkin Terminal. (S$2.40)


Most buses go to Larkin Bus Terminal, which is quite far outside of the city center.



Taxis to JB

You can take a Singapore cab from the Queen Street Singapore Taxi Terminal to the Johor Bahru Taxi Terminal at Kotaraya II Terminal in JB (S$10/person). It won’t make crossing customs faster, but at least you don’t have to leave the cab or move your luggage out of it during your journey.


We have more info on our designated page for Singapore to Malaysia by Taxi.



On Foot


Crossing the Causeway on foot is officially not allowed but still frequently done. It’s a 2-kilometre walk with pedestrian walkways that are often bumpy or non-existent. Walking is a good choice if you have no heavy bags, but for most travellers, Johor Bahru travel is more comfortably done on wheels.



Places to visit in JB


Check our online guide for what to see and do in Johor Bahru and around. Most people come for shopping.





Private Transport

You can also use a Private Passenger Transport service, typically a van, to travel in a small group across the causeway. This is helpful especially when you want to see a number of places within a given time frame, and do not want the hassle of competing for transport with locals in a foreign land. Such services take you from a location in Singapore to Malaysia and back. One service, www.tjitransporter.com, arranges trips for people going to Johor and beyond for shopping, fishing, diving, visiting places of interest and more.
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