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Unable to upload photos

travelwriterfromIndia posted this discussion 7 years and 11 months ago Post Reply    

Posted on
by travelwriterfromIndia

Unable to upload photos

Hi Daniel,
I have not been able to upload any photos this morning. I have tried logging out and logging in afresh as well as restarting the computer. While there seems to be no problem with uploading text, the 'saving' icon comes on after I have uploaded the photograph and after a few minutes the sign "Error 2308" appears. Can you please help me out?
Many thanks,
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Posted on
by travelwriterfromIndia

Thank you Daniel. I will try the other uploader and revert. I have a HP Pavilion desktop, the older version and it runs on Windows XP from which I have uploaded the photographs which you see on the Mysore Guide page. I upload them using Google Chrome, the new version and I have had no problem in uploading the photographs till this morning

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Posted on
by Daniel


It works fine for me. Are you using the flash or the simple uploader? (you can toggle it below the "Save" button). Maybe try the other uploader. Also try uploadng a different image, maybe there is something wrong with the file?

If the problem persists, please let me know which operating system and which browser/version you are using. Did it work before with the same browser?

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