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 Unique Signs of Singapore

GuideGecko Travel Magazine > Unique Signs of Singapore


Unique Signs of Singapore

Every country out there would have signs. These signs are pictures depicting how the different cultures would visualize the various happenings of everyday life as they turn out. Signs prohibit us from doing certain things, inform us of our locations and even, warn us of oncoming dangers. Therefore, today, we bring you the 12 major signs found in Singapore at the popular Labrador Park, located at the south of Singapore. And maybe, just maybe, we may understand a country just by looking at their signs.




  • Tree and branches may fall. Take care.

This is such an intimate caring message for all the visitors. We really wonder if the people around the world would put up signs telling you to take care. Illustration of the sign is also adequate and simple enough to understand.




  • For your own safety, please do not enter the nature reserve during stormy weather.

Although we understand that not all stormy weather comes with lightning, nothing will go wrong with it. Accompanied by a single cloud, maybe we should have black clouds instead? So that we know that it is a “dark” cloud (pun intended)? Kids, this is definitely not straight out of a Harry Potter movie!



  • Dogs are not allowed in the Nature Reserve.

We have no idea why but dogs are apparently not allowed. However, you would be able to see dogs running around the beach area. Dog owners would have to be considerate though. See point 7 below. And not all dogs are sausage dogs, despite the cute illustration, in our honest opinion.




  • Do not feed the monkeys.

We won’t feed any especially if it is going to look like this. The monkey is frowning! But seriously, bananas are expensive and food is hardly available in the area (unless you are on a picnic), so I guess we will still keep the food to ourselves at best.




  • Meeting Point 1.

We see a little red dot and 4 arrows pointing towards it. And here we were, thinking that the little red dot means or represents Singapore. Wait a minute, maybe Singapore got its name this way. A meeting point for all the people from different parts of the world! It now all falls into place.




  • Motorised vehicles not allowed.

In the sign, there is a motor car, a motor bike, a bicycle and a skate scooter. We can identify with a bicycle maybe having a motor, but a skate scooter?



  • Be considerate.

This is targeted at the dog owners obviously. To remember to keep their dogs leashed and to clean up after their dogs have finish doing its businesses. However, we do doubt anywhere in the world other than Singapore would actually use the word “poo”. Any opinions?




  • This rocky beach is a gazetted Nature Reserve Area. Please do not pick up any marine creatures.

Firstly, this area is being cordoned off and is restricted. Public do not have access to the rocky beach so how would we be able to pick up any marine creatures? The illustration shows of a hand with fingers pinching the creature more than just picking it up. We do appreciate the creativity though.




  • Danger, beware of falling rocks.

The “falling rocks” look like square cubes of paper falling down and the person although running is still being hit by them. Maybe the shapes should be more irregular instead?




  • No swimming.

We cannot even touch the water, how are we supposed to swim? The closest an individual can get to the water is only for fishing and the beach is closed too. It is still a warning though and please do not purposely jump into the sea. Thank you.



  • Children to be supervised at all times.

We now know that a child’s head is actually bigger than an adult’s. How informative.




  • Leg washing area.

No words, only an image. For this, there is only one statement – “Pictures speak a thousand words”. This is the place to wash your legs under a tap of running water.



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