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Bios on the Hill

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Bios on the Hill is a perfect spot to visit to see some of Okinawa's lush nature at its best.  The main attraction is the parks many orchids.  These are everywhere.  They have many different varieties including many native to Okinawa which are found in their natural habitat within the park.  At the entrance to the park is a Garden Centre which sells a wide variety of orchids for a very reasonable price and can be visited without entering the park.

On entering the park you can choose to buy an entrance ticket on its own or one that includes a boat ride.  You recieve a pamphlet in Japanese and one more basic in English.  The boat ride is great fun for all.  It lasts about 25 minutes and has a Japanese tour guide giving various facts about the park in Japanese. 

There are also kayaks available for an additional cost of ¥1500 per person.  Another ride which costs extra is a Water Buffalo Carriage ride.  This ride costs ¥580 per person and takes 25 minutes. 

Bios on the Hill has many attractions for children including play areas, swings and goats to feed and pet. Also look for the maze which is especially enjoyable for children.  Look for the stamp sheet which is also popular with children.

Paths wind throughout the park with various rest areas and picnic spots available.  There is also a small snack stall at the boat dock where you can get refreshments such as drinks or ice cream.  For something more substantial there is the Omoro Tea House serving set meals mostly featuring Okinawa Soba or Taco Rice.


From Naha Bus Terminal take bus number 120 to the Nakadomari Bus Stop.  (It takes about 70 minutes) From Nago Bus Terminal take bus number 20 to Nakadomari Bus Stop.  From Nakadomari Bus Stop it is easiest to take a taxi to Bios on the Hill.  It takes about 7 minutes by taxi. 

There is a bus stop closer to Bios on the Hill but buses are infrequent and the walk from the stop is 3km uphill.

Type: Park
Costs: ¥690, ¥1200 entrance and boat trip
Location: Uruma, Japan
Street address: 961-30 Kadekaru, Ishikawa
Nearest public transport: Nakadomari Bus Stop
Opening hours: Daily, 9am-6pm
Telephone: +81989653400
Email: info@bios-hill.co.jp

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