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Vientiane Hotels & Sleeping

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There are numerous places to stay in Vientiane, from very basic guest houses with dormitory-type rooms to comfortable upscale boutique hotels, with prices from very moderate to mid-range and higher. In recent years many new establishments have opened, but mid-2007 the Government announced plans to restrict the number of new permits: they wish to concentrate on quality rather than quantity. The days that anyone could convert their home to a guest house and partake of the boom seem to be over.

In the Town Center

Normally, just get into the town center (for instance the Nam Phu square) and start looking around along Thanon Setthathirat and its side streets. You’ll find something within minutes except when it's "high season" (January) when it will be really difficult to find room: book in advance!

Room Rates

Room rates may vary depending on the season: high season is something like October through April or May; low season June through September.

Security Regulations

Some places insist on an early nightly curfew and lock the front door without giving you a key. If you wish to enjoy the nightlife (what there is of it), make sure that you will be able to stay out and, more importantly, get in again.

Often there will be a door man who sleeps near to the main entrance doors and can be woken up to get in, but its wise to check what system they have in place for getting back in during the small hours of the morning.

The Lao Hotel and Restaurant Association has an extensive list of hotels in Vientiane.

Hotel Deals for Vientiane - best price guarantee

Places to Sleep in Vientiane

Hotel One Inn Hotel
Opened in 2010, very comfortable with nice design touch and air conditioning, bathroom attached, free wifi.Directionsnear Lao Plaza Hotel, at the heart of Vientiane city center, walking distance to Nam Phou Fountain
Low Budget, $25-45, in Vientiane
Hotel Sabaidy Guest House
Has lockers to keep your belongings in. Close to downtown, dormitories with no doors or sheets on a bed for 25 000 kip.
Low Budget, in Vientiane
Hotel Mixay Guesthouse
A simple room with fan and shared bathroom. Friendly staff. Clean but has ventilation issues in some rooms (especially on the top floor where there is a smoking section), watch your head on the stairs, watch your step, and sometimes you have to be patient with t... more
Low Budget, Dorms 50,000 kip, private rooms start at 50,000 LAK, in Vientiane
Bed & Breakfast Mixay Paradise
Partner to Mixay Guesthouse and just one block away. Prices are the same but this is a clean, new guesthouse which also benefits from free wifi. Staff are friendly and the free breakfast is also included. Highly recommended.
Low Budget, in Vientiane
Hotel Youth Inn
Clean guesthouse with free Wifi, got a nice cafe with couches downstairs, friendly staff. If you insist they might offer you an improvised dormitory, which is a three-bed room with window, fan and a closet. Alircon available in some rooms.
Low Budget, Dorm 25,000 kip, rooms 50,000+ kip, in Vientiane
Hotel Youth Inn 2
Newly opened Nov 2009. Very clean, rooms with air-con, fan, en-suite. Helpful and friendly staff. Free drinking water in room, bicycle hire 10,000 kip. No internet but restaurant/reception area is in range of Cyberia Hotspot wifi, 6,000 kip/hour The original ol... more
Low Budget, Rooms 100,000 kip, in Vientiane
Hotel Vayakorn Guest House
Opened in 2003. Very clean, rooms with wood floors, air-con, hot water. Helpful and friendly staff. Free wifi but only reaches first floor rooms and lobby.Directionsjust off Thanon Setthathirat
Low Budget, Singles $17/Doubles US$27, in Vientiane
Hotel Auberge du Temple
A bit far from the city centre, but a very pleasant guest house owned by a French-Swiss gentlemanDirectionsnext to Wat Khunta
Low Budget, in Vientiane
Hotel Douang Deuane Hotel
"Has rooms starting at $15 with aircon, TV and minibar. This hotel has been reported scamming travelers (producing larger than agreed bill at checkout.
Low Budget, in Vientiane
Hotel RD Guesthouse
"Starting at 50,000 kip for a dorm bed, the "Relax and Dream away" Guesthouse isn't very dreamy but does have padded ceiling on the stairs (good for tall people) (but be careful going through doorways), and the library has a huge Korean select... more
Low Budget, in Vientiane
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