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Travel Guide > Asia > Laos > Viangchan Prefecture > Vientiane

Vientiane Restaurants & Eating

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There are many restaurants in Vientiane. They offer a wide selection of cuisines, from Chinese specialities to Tex-Mex. More restaurants are opened all the time, but many are there for just a few months before they go under; a few are successful and stay and may even flourish.

It’s a question of offering something special, either in the way of the food served, or the atmosphere, or the friendly and competent service. The following is only a small selection. Note: where prices are given, these may no longer be up-to-date (inflation, exchange rate dollar/kip).

Vientiane has a few bars/clubs, but there's no shortage of places for a quiet Beerlao. In particular, the Mekong shoreline has long been the epicentre of low-key nightlife, although a massive construction project to build a flood management levee system and a riverside park has seen most of the bamboo-and-thatch beer gardens here disappear.

Restaurants in Vientiane

Fast Food Hungry Burger
Hungry Burger's claim is true — The burger you're about to unwrap is the best in town — Hungry Burgers is definitely a solid competitor for its price range. Whether you want pork, beef or chicken, all the burgers from this sidewalk stand ar... more
Low Budget, in Vientiane
Vietnamese Noodle shops
can be found all over the town. They typically serve Vietnamese-type noodle soups (pho), often also fried rice and other rice or noodle-based dishes. Prices are very moderate: around 1 USD for a large bowl or plate. There really is no need to go hungry in this t... more
Low Budget, in Vientiane
Local Ban Anou Night Market
is only about 1 block long and starts setting up at sundown, but it has some of the best cheap eats in town. There's a wide range of street snacks available, including pho made with handpulled noodles, little lettuce wrapped snacks with peanut filling (miang... more
Low Budget, in Vientiane
International Along the river
dozens of unpretentious restaurants and beer gardens, from opposite the BCEL bank strung along the Mekong for approximately 2km upriver (those upstream from the main beach promenade are generally cheaper). All are pleasant places for a beer and a snack or a comp... more
Low Budget, in Vientiane
Indian Nazim Indian Restaurant
on the Mekong river road: decent Indian food. Their washroom is not the cleanest in the country, perhaps because the patrons of some of the eateries on the river bank are directed here for certain needs (when they are not simply sent down to the reeds at the wat... more
Low Budget, in Vientiane
Indian Taj Mahal Restaurant
just south of the National Culture Hall, has good Indian food at good prices, if you don't mind listening to American pop music.
Low Budget, in Vientiane
International Nirvana
Simuang Rd. (a small road connecting Sethattirat Rd. to Khou Vieng Rd. in Ban Simuang, Muang Sisattanak - close to the famous tourist site Wat Simuang). Delicious Lao traditional vegetarian/vegan food with some Western-style options. Nice change from the mostly ... more
Low Budget, in Vientiane
Vegetarian Vegan restaurant @ Talat Khuadin
Inside the market opposite the Talat Sao. Pass the big basket shop and you will see a wooden sign pointing you down an alley. Offers a lunch time buffet serving vegan Laotian food. You can also get there from Th Mahosot: go north past the bus station and watch f... more
Low Budget, in Vientiane
Vegetarian Vegan food stall @ Talat Sao food court
(at the top level of Talat Sao shopping mall). All plates at 10 000 kip each. Buffet plates, excellent veg spring rolls (7 per plate) and noodle soups available.
Low Budget, in Vientiane
International Fathima
A Malaysian-Indian restaurant along the Mekong on Fa Ngum Rd., just around the corner from Mixay guesthouse. Numerous vegetarian options for 9-10,000 kip. Friendly staff and excellent service. Dish quality is extremely variable even for several exact-same dishes... more
Low Budget, in Vientiane
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