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Vietnam Nightlife & Entertainment

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Watch out for ice in drinks. Factory-made ice is generally safe, but anything else can be suspect.


Drinking in a vietnamese bar is a great experience. One of the interesting things is that during the day, it is almost impossible to see a bar anywhere. Once the sun goes down though, dozens seem to appear out of nowhere on the streets.


Don't miss out on draught beer made daily. It's available throughout Vietnam, mostly from small bars on street corners. Bia hoi bars will give you the opportunity to relax drinking in a typical Vietnamese bar surrounded by the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Every traveler can easily find these bars to experience what the locals are enjoying.
The beer is brewed daily and each bar gets a fresh batch delivered every day in plastic jugs. It's a very light (3% alcohol) refreshing lager at a fraction of the cost of draft or bottled beer in the Western-style bars. Bia hoi is not always made in sanitary conditions and its making is not monitored by any health agency. Though fun for the novelty factor, this beer produces awful hangovers. Sticking with bia chai (bottled beer) is much more advisable.

Wine and liquor

Vietnamese "ruou de" or rice alcohol (ruou means alcohol) is served in tiny porcelain cups often with candied fruit or pickles. It's commonly served to male guests and visitors. Vietnamese women don't drink much alcohol, well at least in public. It's not recommended for tourists.

Dating back to French colonial times, Vietnam adopted a tradition of viticulture. Dalat is the center of the winelands, and you can get extremely good red and white wine for about $2-3US, however this is very hard to find. Most wine is Australian that is served in restaurants and you will be charged Australian prices as well making wine comparatively quite expensive compared to drinking beer or spirits.

Coconut wine

This is special Vietnam wine. This wine is made by traditional material and coconut form natural. Copra of coconut can purify Aldhyt in rice wine which cause your headache and tied. You feel free to drink a health to somebody.

Rice spirt and local Vodka is incredibly cheap in Vietnam by western standards. Russian Champagne is also quite available. When at Nha Trang, look for the 'all you can drink' boat trips for around $10-$15 for an all day trip and party with on board band.

Fruit juice

Coconut water is a favorite in the hot southern part of the country. Sugar cane juice, is served from distinctive metal carts with a crank-powered sugar cane stalk crushers that release the juice. 


Another popular drink among locals and tourists alike is the coffee. Be sure to ask for the local Vietnamese coffee instead of those imported from France or Italy, as it has a unique taste and is often of higher quality than the imported varieties despite the lower prices.

Do be careful when drinking locally prepared coffee as the locals tend to drink it incredibly strong with about 4 teaspoons of sugar per cup. As milk is hard to come by outside of the tourist hotels, it is also often served black or with sweetened condensed milk. Definitely an aquired taste.

Some say Vietnamese coffee is over roasted/burnt beans. If you are picky, bring your own coffee.

Places to Go Out in Vietnam

Cinema Megastar Cineplex
Vietnam's leading world-class cineplex venue with 2 locations in HCMC and the first to offer 3D movies (at Hung Vuong Plaza only). All locations present first-run US Hollywood and International releases and situated within attractive shopping complexes.
in Ho Chi Minh City
Cinema Galaxy Cinema
A favorite among locals.
in Ho Chi Minh City
Bar Zanzbar
Casual-upscale, the clients tend to come for the great choice of wines-by-the-glass (huge walk-in wine cellar), for the bespoke cocktail range (using only premium brands) and good selection of imported beers. Not for the budget crowd; but can remain open after m... more
in Ho Chi Minh City
Disco/Club American Discotheque
It's definitely the biggest disco in Saigon, with great music and lights. It has also two seperated karaoke rooms where you could be sing 'til being tired. You could also enter it from Windsor Plaza Saigon Hotel.
in Ho Chi Minh City
Bar Vibe Billiards & Lounge
Saigon's most premium billiards lounge in town has a unique combination of high-class professional billiards & spacious lounge. At VIBE, guests can choose not only tasty foods and drinks but also customize the billiard table lights from the special lighting ... more
in Ho Chi Minh City
Bar 163 Cyclo Bar
Thumping music until 2 a.m. and really friendly staff. The Vietnamese girls seem to have a strong affinity for Caucasian men.
in Ho Chi Minh City
Bar Allez Boo
For those that have been here before, you'll find the original bar is now Highlands coffee and an all new Allez Boo has opened on the opposite corner. It's shiny and brand-new, but retains the same feel as the original. There's an air-conditioned bar on the seco... more
in Ho Chi Minh City
Disco/Club Apocalypse Now
Legendary and still packed on weekends, although aside from a few movie references it's not all that much to look at. Stays open late. Now opened their 2nd floor for dj, dancing, drinks with less crowded atmosphere. Cover charge of 150000 VND (9 USD).
in Ho Chi Minh City
Bar Vasco's
You go to the alley of 74 Hai Ba Trung and find the bar on your left, 1st floor. It has terrific live music at certain nights in a week and a typical bar atmosphere for both tourists and expats. Drinks from VND50,000 (US$2.5), including sales tax, tip is not necessary.
in Ho Chi Minh City
Bar Alibi
Very cozy atmosphere, with sofas lining the walls and beautiful decor. good food & drinks selection, nice music, and a mix of both local & expat people. friendly staff, and the management's always there to make you feel welcome and make sure you get what... more
in Ho Chi Minh City
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