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Vietnam Beaches

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When asked to name beach destinations in Asia, most people are likely to say Bali, Phuket or Langkawi. Vietnam has always been left out but this country has coastline of more than 3000 kilometers. The South China Sea surrounds Vietnam and its powdery white sands form the coastline. Here are some of the best Vietnam beaches.

Mui Ne

Mui Ne beach has golden sand dunes along the long stretch. This beach belongs to the South-Central Coast of Vietnam. There are small shacks, restaurants and bars selling drinks, snacks and souvenirs on the other end of Mui Ne. On the other side of Mui Ne, there is where all the resorts and hotels are. The best time to go is during August  to December. For windsurfers or kite-surfers, bring along your surf equipments and rip that swell! Mui Ne is one of the better Vietnam beaches for surfing.

Nha Trang

Nha Trang beach has a similar vibe to Kuta Beach in Bali and belongs to the South-Central Coast of Vietnam like Mui Ne. There are two parts to the beach. On one side, it is an ever-growing city in Vietnam with an easy access to a clean and beautiful beach. Whereas on the other side, resorts and hotels sprout at every corner with bars and restaurants built along the stretch. You'll see Xe Om drivers hanging out by beach lanes hassling tourists for transportation. Nevertheless, Nha Trang is good for scuba diving and lounging at the bars while witnessing the amazing view of the ocean. 

Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc is an island offshore from the Mekong Delta. The island has lush forest and mountain terrains with the nicely shaped cove of Phu Quoc beach. You can still see fishing villages and Phu Quoc is not as developed as other beach destinations like Thailand's Koh Samui. There are no traffic here, so you rent a motorbike without the fear of getting stuck in a traffic jam. Phu Quoc is ideal for backpackers or those who seek a true beach retreat. There are not many activities to do on this Vietnam beach but you can rent a kayak and paddle out to get a new perspective of Phu Quoc. Otherwise, lay on the sun decks and sip on some cocktails. The best time to go is in December to June.

Con Dao

Con Dao is a group of islands and Con Son is the largest of them all. The island has buildings no more than two floors high. There are several beaches around the island but most of them are undisturbed and you can count how many people there are on the beach. Con Dao is surrounded by dense forests, deserted coastal roads and beautiful view of South China Sea. Here you can go for diving or hiking in the mountains. Con Dao is also part of World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) for sea turtles and dugong. The best time to is in November to February. This will easily top the list of best Vietnam beaches.

Doc Let

Doc Let beach is one of the quieter Vietnam beaches and the alternative if you want to get away from Nha Trang's party scene. This beach is accessible from Nha Trang and has white sands with shallow waters. Doc Let is deserted on most days and there is a small town and some resorts on the beach. If your aim is to do nothing, Doc Let is the place to be at. 

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