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Travel Guide > Europe > Germany > Thuringia > Weimar

Weimar Travel Guide

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A trip to Weimar is like a musical trip through the history of the European culture. The cultural capital of Europe in 1999, it's a city reminding you every 100 meters about a relevant episode from the history of the old continent. Goethe, Schiller, Bach or Liszt felt at home here and conferred to the city an aura of distinction. More recently, Walter Gropius decided to make Weimar the city of birth of the Bauhaus movement. 

If you love long walks in the nature, you will find here wonderful parks and a quiet environment for refreshing thoughts and positive energy. You will understand probably better why so many personalities made Weimar their creative home. 

Center of the Music Academy, but also of the Bauhaus Academy, Weimar is a city with an active student life, hosting various creative projects. The young musicians are having very often rehearsals and during the summer, don't be surprise that music is following your steps through the city. It's the music of the young souls giving new lives to an old heart. This music will follow you long time after you left Weimar.

You can visit the city for 24 hours or for a whole week: there are plenty of secrets to be revealed and various attractions to be discovered, in and outside the city. You will find affordable accomodation and you can experience the special Thuringian cuisine. People are friendly and willing to help and you will be back with wonderful memories and the wish to return as soon as possible. 

This guide is written by Ana Dinescu. Cover photo (Weimar) by Nigel's Europe, CC-BY-SA 2.0. Offline maps are copyrighted by OpenStreetMap contributors, and licensed under the Creative Commons license CC-BY-SA.

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