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 Week 7: Suggested Readings & Marketing Exercise

Free Writing Course > Week 7 Make Your Mark > Suggested Readings & Marketing Exercise


Suggested Readings


Here are two articles to enhance your understanding of marketing a book:



Dan Schawbel, an expert on personal branding, shares some tips on marketing your book, including starting a blog and creating a website.



This website talks about holding an autograph party and getting the media involved for your marketing efforts.



Marketing Exercise


Take your first step to marketing your guide book with this short exercise. Each step should take about ten to thirty minutes and will allow you to formulate and execute the marketing plan. You may discuss your ideas with fellow writers in the comments below.


Planning and formulating your marketing plan:


  1. Brainstorm and write down the marketing ideas that you have. You can use some of our suggestions and integrate your own.
  2. Single out the easiest ideas.
  3. Look at the the easy ideas and plan a time frame for execution.
  4. Stick to your plan.





More book marketing resources




Discuss your ideas here

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