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Writing Itineraries

cyndi posted this discussion 9 years and 1 month ago Post Reply    

Posted on
by cyndi

Writing Itineraries

I love what I see unfolding at GuideGecko! With my recent trip behind me and the suitcases put away, I've been turning my thoughts to writing Itineraries for you. As I review your site and app offerings, I have a couple of questions. The apps look wonderful in terms of interactive fun and style, by the way.

I don't understand why a traveler would be willing to purchase an itinerary when there is so much free information online and they can get a full guide from you for $.99. Frankly, I don't see that there is a way for me to be paid for my work. What is the price of an Itin? Are they popular? How does one buy just an Itin from your offerings?

Would you be kind enough to send me some links within your site so I can see how an Itinerary works from a traveler's perspective and help me with answers to my concerns. Thanks very much!
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Posted on
by Daniel

Hi Cyndi,

Thanks for the message and the compliments :-).

Please start with our FAQ on itineraries: http://www.guidegecko.com/help-publish2#create-itinerary-guides. This explains how itineraries work on the web and in the app and eBook.

An example of a (very packed and extensive) 1-Day Itinerary for Singapore is here: http://www.guidegecko.com/singapore/day-trips/1-day-itinerary/p,608168427. Note that an itinerary is NOT just a single text, it also includes the linked texts with more information on the covered points of interest.

For pricing: The question of 'why would people pay for what they get free on the web' can be brought up for every guide or every piece of content. With apps, one answer is that users get a ton of extra features and comfort, such as the ability to read offline, GPS enabled interactive maps, places nearby, augmented reality, and many more. All that with a user-friendly interface tailor-made for the small screen and on the go.

From that perspective, there is no difference between a 'traditional guide' with sections for sleep, see, eat, etc. and an itinerary that is more streamlined. They both provide the same information. The traditional guide may have more chapters and include more points of interest, but the itinerary provides more guidance.

Hope that helps!

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