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Yogyakarta Health & Safety

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Like any other larger Indonesian city, Yogya has its share of petty crime like pickpocketing, especially in local city busses. Watch out for gallery scams and streetsellers trying to get commission for batik. These scams tend to occur around the Kraton and Jalan Malioboro. Scammers will approach tourists and tell them about a government art center, and will hire cheap transport to the 'genuine' gallery. If you're interested in buying batik, this isn't necessarily bad. However, keep in mind that you are, in essence, being manipulated.

Take caution when walking by the city. Traffic is very brutal! You might have difficulty crossing roads and streets especially in crowded places.

An earthquake in 2006 caused severe damage. The volcanic presence of Mount Merapi, which last erupted during October to December 2010 causing many casualties and extensive damage, looms over the city.

Always travel in groups when you are traveling to or from Parangtritis beach. The long stretch between Yogya city and the beach are dangerous place at the night. You may get stopped by someone riding motorcycle trying to rob you. Police stations or posts are very little on these road, and unfortunately the posts are often unoccupied.

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