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Have a Travel Blog or Website? Make Money!

Make money selling travel books & ebooks on your blog or website, including downloads and Lonely Planet PDFs.

Imagine that - you make money selling the bestseller! It's easy to set up and highly targeted for your visitors, leading to high conversions and revenue for you. Hint: Downloadable PDFs show even higher conversion rates and revenues, because they are instantly accessible.

Massive commission of 10%

You earn 10% commission for every sale that you refer - even if your visitors purchase other books or downloads.

Please contact us for special deals and premium partnerships if you expect to sell more than 49 items per month.

90 days cookie time

Referrals are valid for 90 days, even if users comes back to GuideGecko without going through your link again.

Highly targeted

We focus on travel books and ebooks. The perfect companion for your website.

Free, flexible & easy

No setup fees, no maintenance fees. Simply link to us using your affiliate code, we keep track of everything else and pay you on a monthly basis. You don't pay us, we'll pay you!
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How to link to us

You will receive your individual affiliate code when you sign up. Append this code to your links. That's all.

Use our widgets

  • Automagically inserts your affiliate code
  • Highly targeted
  • Recommended for individual books, destinations & activities

Individual books


Get your widget in 3 easy steps:

  1. Visit the page you want to link to
    (any page on GuideGecko.com)
  2. Scroll to the bottom, click on 'Create Affiliate Link'
    Click this link
  3. Copy & paste the code to your website

Use our banners

  • Recommended for general travel sites
  • Static & animated banners in all sizes

Click the banners for full sized versions and different formats.

Lonely Planet PDF [animated] [static]

Guidebooks [
animated] [static]

Create your own text links

Simply link to us from your articles and sidebars.


Need more help? Follow these simple steps to become an affiliate:

  • Just register your free account by filling out the short form below.
  • Already have an account? Simply click on the Become an Affiliate now button below.
  • If you don't see the form and also not the button, you are already registered. Check your affiliate code on the top of this page.
  • You can link to any page on GuideGecko.com. Just browse to the page you want to link to, scroll down to the bottom and click on 'Create Affiliate Link' in the footer.
  • We'll then show you a short HTML code specific to the page you want to link to. Examples: [Browse by Destination] and [Guide Description]
  • Paste the code into your blog or website. See how to do this in [Wordpress] and [Blogger].
  • You can also use your affiliate code in any other link to us, using the banners above or your own text links: Simply add #aff-00000 to the link as in this example: Travel Guides from GuideGecko (replace 00000 with your affiliate id).
  • That's it, you are on your way to making money! The affiliate code in your link tells us that you have referred the user to us, and we pay affiliate commissions whenever they order (for 90 days!).
  • You can check your progress in real time [see it] and choose how you receive your money [see it].

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