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Asia in 2 weeks?

crimesinthemosh posted this discussion 10 years and 2 months ago Post Reply    

Posted on
by crimesinthemosh

Asia in 2 weeks?

A friend of mine from NY is planning to take a trip to Asia but she only has 2 weeks! Anyone have suggested routes, or best places to hit? Seeing how it's the biggest continent it's gonna be tough to narrow down to several countries only but what are some that would capture Asia's spirit best?
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Posted on
by Penguin

Wow, Asia in 2 weeks. Honestly I would say it would be better to choose one or possibly two countries to visit. Something like Singapore and Malaysia would work. But if you wanted to visit China I would say you could easily spend the whole two weeks there and still only skim the surface.
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Posted on
by hcmcookingclass

you have only two weeks ,i recognize you should visit Vietnam and Cambodian ,Enjoy some rural adventure tour in countryside ,special Vietnamese new year will come soon .every where in here become more and more beautiful ,Enjoy great health food in Here too and another week move to Cambodia.You also have great things to adventure .Best Wishes with your trip
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Bhutan Rovers-Travel  Tour
Posted on
by Bhutan Rovers-Travel Tour

well, i would suggest you to visit Bhutan and you must visit Bhutan once in our life time. To know more why you should travel to Bhutan http://www.nytimes.com/2005/01/09/travel/09bhutan.html?_r=0
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