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Wanted: Freelance travel writers, food bloggers, even writing greenhorns!

Know the yummiest restaurants or the trendiest shops? Write your own guides, share your knowledge and earn money! From your travels to faraway countries to the best hometown bar-hopping – Become a writer and upload your guides. Food, nightlife, travel, shopping - all guides are welcome, no matter if 2 or 200 pages. You can also offer your guides for free, for example to promote your own blog or website. You could be the next best-selling author on GuideGecko!

Publishers are invited to upload their guides, too!

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How to publish a guide:

You write & upload your guide and we take care of everything else

1. You write & publish your guide

2. We market, print & ship your guide

3. You earn money

Set the retail price and offer your guide as a PDF download and/or as a printed book. [more]

…and collect customer payments and
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You receive royalties for each sale, right from the first copy onwards. [more]

Not sure what to write? Have a look at these examples:

Travel Guides

  • Excursions and city guides
  • Budget hostels for backpackers
  • Secluded beaches
  • Adventure trips
  • Luxury hotels for honeymooners
  • Travel with children
  • Authentic travel
  • Top 10 sights in your region
  • And many more...

Lifestyle Guides

  • Trendy cafés in your hometown
  • Romantic restaurants
  • Authentic eateries
  • Relaxing picnic spots
  • Arts and culture
  • Picture perfect photo spots
  • Climbing, diving and trekking
  • Bird spotting and wildlife watching
  • Expats and new in towns
  • And many more...

Entertainment Guides

  • Barhopping and happy hours
  • Clubbing and nightlife
  • Theater, musicals and performances
  • Concerts and festivals
  • Sports and spectator sports
  • Bungee jumping and adrenaline rush
  • And many more.....
Start the fun now!   

GuideGecko is an online travel guide publisher/travel book publishing company and book store for travel guides. We publish all kinds of travel, lifestyle and entertainment guides. Writing travel books and getting published has never been so easy. Write and upload your own guidebook on GuideGecko, and we take care of everything from marketing to printing and shipping. We print on demand when a book is ordered, and you can also sell your guide as a PDF download or ebook. You are welcome to upload guides of any length, no matter if you are an established publisher, a freelance travel writer looking for new travel writing jobs, a food blogger or travel blogger, or simply know the best tips and recommendations for any travel, lifestyle or entertainment topic: Download our free guide template, become a writer and choose to write on any topic you like. You can also offer your guides for free, for example to promote your own blog or website. GuideGecko offers free publishing and you earn money on every sale. Get published today!