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 Book Marketing Email Template

Free Writing Course > Week 7 Make Your Mark > Email Template


Email template


Promote your book with an email to your friends, family and colleagues. Here is a short email template that you can use for this purpose. Just tell them about your new book, and ask for their help to spread the word!



Dear friends and family,

Just wanted to let you know that my book, [insert your book title], was published today on GuideGecko. As you might know, the book [is about/covers/explores] [insert a short one sentence description of your book]. I hope you’ll take time to check it out at GuideGecko.com, where you can sample the first chapters for free.

Here’s the link to my author profile [insert the direct link] and my book page [insert direct link]

Won’t you also take a moment to spread the word about my book to everyone you know? Thank you so much for your support!


Your first name






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