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 How GuideGecko helps to promote your books

Free Writing Course > Week 7 Make Your Mark > How GuideGecko helps


Guidebook marketing with GuideGecko


GuideGecko marketplace


GuideGecko offers over 3000+ guidebooks as printed books and PDF downloads. Visitors come to GuideGecko to find travel information and to buy guidebooks.


When you publish and sell your guidebook on GuideGecko, your book will be seen by thousands of prospective customers. Visitors may come to GuideGecko to buy a Lonely Planet, and end up with your book instead or on top.


After publishing, your book will instantly be listed on our frontpage at www.GuideGecko.com, giving it maximum visibility!


Besides printed books, GuideGecko also allows you to offer your guidebook as a PDF download. This gives customers additional benefits to buy your guide, as they can immediately access it after placing their order. In fact, many of our independent authors sell more PDF downloads than printed books!



Free book page


For each guidebook you publish with GuideGecko, we create a web page dedicated to it. The book page features your book cover and description, which you can edit at any time by clicking on the 'edit' links at the bottom of your profile. Your book page is where prospective readers can access previews of your book, rate your book, write reviews and ask questions.


Your book page also has handy buttons to promote your book on Facebook, Twitter and via email. You find these buttons in the top right corner, inside the Quick Links section. Use these buttons to share your book page with your friends and fans, and ask them to help spread the word as well.


The buttons also show you how many times your book page has already been 'liked' on Facebook and 'tweeted' on Twitter, so you can easily keep track of your progress.



Free author profile page  


When you publish with GuideGecko, we create a personal web page for you with a unique web address. You can post your bio and picture and provide a listing of your published books on GuideGecko. Other users can subscribe to your newsfeed, and in this way find out about new releases and updates that you publish.


You can also keep in touch with other users through your wall.





GuideGecko offers a powerful and flexible preview system for your guidebooks. If you can get the reader to read the first pages or chapters of your book for free, odds are they'll want to purchase the book to find out the rest.


Books that offer preview pages sell much more than books that do not offer previews.


You can select how many and which pages shall be accessible as previews. We suggest to use the table of contents and - depending on the length of your book - a few sample pages or a whole chapter or two. Simply select the preview pages in our Publishing Wizard.


Users can view the preview pages in your book page (see above).



Book reviews


Book reviews help sell books, so we make it easy for your customers to add reviews and to rate your book. To get going, ask your friends to write the first reviews. Tell them to keep it honest!



Shopping cart


We offer a user-friendly shopping cart for your readers, and we make it easy for them to pay via the most popular credit cards. You yourself decide on the retail price, and keep high revenues of up to 75% on every sale.


You can choose to receive an email whenever customers order, but you do not need to do anything - we take care of everything from payment collection to printing and shipping.


Publishing is free and there are no setup costs. Take our guided tour for more details on how much you earn.



GuideGecko affiliates


We run an affiliate marketing program for third party websites, blogs and affiliate marketers to link to and promote your books. Affiliates receive a commission in exchange for the book sales they generate. As a GuideGecko author or publisher, your books are automatically enrolled to benefit from this free program.


For example, if you have written a book for Thailand, a Thailand travel blogger may pick it up and promote your book on his website. Depending on the popularity of the blog, this could bring in thousands of highly interested prospective customers.


You can also become an affiliate yourself and promote your own and other books through your website, Facebook page or via email. Visit our affiliate program for more info.



Other services


This was just a brief overview of how you benefit from publishing and selling on GuideGecko. Please see our Publishing Services and Become a Writer sections for more info.


Our 3-step guided tour leads you through how publishing on GuideGecko works, the services we offer from payment collection to printing and shipping, and how much you can earn.


Convinced? Then go straight away to our Publishing Wizard and start selling your own guidebooks!





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