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Posted on
by susanwhite

Things to be taken care of before you join Yoga Teacher Training in India

Yoga Teacher Training in India would be the best option if you want to become a Certified Yoga Teacher. Nothing can be better than becoming a Yoga Teacher from the place where Yoga originated from. There are many Yoga Centers focus on minting money and not giving proper teaching. Hence I'm writing this article to make everyone aware about Do's and Don’ts.

You can do it from many places in India -

Dharamsala - It is near the Himalaya, on mountain ranges. Most of the centres are in McLeodGanj. You would love this place if you like peace, serenity, hill stations, mountains, and greenery. There is a Dalai Lama temple in McLeodGanj which is an attraction place.

Goa - This place is known for parties and chilling in India. Goa is surrounded by beaches and can be a good destination for learning yoga is you like beaches, and partying and loud life.

Rishikesh - This is the place where yoga really started. It is a place of all "sadhus" and "santas". This is the religious capital of India. It is great place to go if you like religious places, temples and worshiping God.

Kerala - Kerala is a very beautiful place, if you love nature, you'd love doing yoga in nature. It is knows for their forests, backwaters and tree houses. It is called the Venice of East.

Things of take care before joining a Yoga Teacher Training Centre in India -

Teachers - Please check out every teacher profile for whatever school you are opting for. This is very important cause, better the teachers, better you experience would be.

Accommodation - Check the accommodation pictures on the School's website, it they have not put any pictures, do ask for pictures so that you have a rough idea of where you are going to stay.

Food - Do recheck with them about what type of food they provide and what all options are available nearby.

Batch size - I personally feel that the batch size should be around 15-20. It should not be less, cause it will not provide that exposure of meeting new people and narrowing the cultural difference and it should not be more because you won't be able to focus of everything that is being taught. Hence make sure you confirm the batch size before joining.

Certification - Make sure that the school is certified by Yoga Alliance or any other reputed organization.
Reviews - Please in the end go through about what student reviews. Watch video reviews cause written reviews can be forged.

Some good Yoga schools that I really liked -

Siddhi Yoga - Siddhi Yoga has its Yoga Teacher Training in Dharamsala, Yoga Teacher Training in Goa, Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, Yoga Teacher Training in Kerala, and Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand. I've heard that they are soon gonna start in UK too. This school offers through out the year and has amazing teachers.

Mahi Yoga Centre - This is one of the most reputed Yoga Teacher Training School in India. This centre is known for the goodwill is gives back. They are known for their service with low prices and brilliant teachers. Their Yoga Teacher Training course in Dharamsala is just way too beautiful.

You can see the video from here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crr5s7qmAos&t=16s

Yoga Dhyan - Yoga Dhyan offers their course of Yoga Teacher Training in Dharamsala and Yoga Teacher Training in Goa, India. This school also gives many short courses for students who can't join in for a month.

Neo Yoga Centre - Neo Yoga is centre is owned by Akhilesh Bodhi who is a traveller and a yoga enthusiast. The best part about this school is that they carry out Yoga retreats in many parts of the world except India.

Indian Yogshala - This school is known for its yoga teacher training in Rishikesh. They have their courses in Rishikesh throughout the year and are really good at what they do.

Chinmay Yoga - Chinmay Yoga delivers what every yoga institution does by with a different objective. The director of Chinmay Yoga believes that Yoga is something which should not be charged for, hence he only charges for food and accommodation but doesn't charge for Yoga. Thus, his prices are very low. Hence you get proper training, with low price and great quality. It provides Yoga Teacher Training in Dharamsala.

General instruction/motivation before joining YTT in India -

Please make sure you have cleared your all doubts and queries before you join them

Make sure it is trusted and you have read the reviews - There are some nice reviews on Quora too.

Be calm and passionate about leaning and knowing new things.

Trust and believe in yourself, and you will thrive!

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Posted on
by okosseda

Vietnam: Better skip DMZ or Dalat

I am planning our trip to Vietnam. As our time is limited I already decided to skip Sapa.
Now I am thinking also to skip DMZ oder Dalat, but I do not know what is more "must seen".
Can anybody help me?

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Posted on
by okosseda

Vietnam: Visa on Arrival

Has anybody experiences with "Visa on Arrival" for Vietnam?
Does anybody knows a reliable agent to get the approval letter?

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Posted on
by okosseda

Itinerary Cambodia

I plan a trip to Cambodia in July.

This is my first rough itinerary.

21.07.2014 Arrival in Bangkok in the afternoon
22.07.2014 Travel to Siam Reap by Train, etc
23.07.2014 Angkor Wat
24.07.2014 Angkor Wat
25.07.2014 Angkor Wat
26.07.2014 Phnom Phen
27.07.2014 Kampot & Kep
28.07.2014 Kampot & Kep
29.07.2014 Sihanoukville
30.07.2014 Back to Thailand

Does it make sense, or do it need some more / less time at some places?

Best Regards

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Posted on
by Linute

Traveling in North Sulawesi

Hi everyone,
I am new in this forum and I am desparate to find some help before traveling to Sulawesi. Is here anybody living in Sulawesi or who travelled in North Sulawesi recently?

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Posted on
by arlom

how to i share my pictures?

how can i share?

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Posted on
by cristinaUK

Seeking Christian from Germany stayed at Monkey Inn in 2011

Can you help me locate this friend? I am smitten and i wonder how he is getting on with his travel? I remember him talking about going to Myanmar with one of the receptionist and then going to China to teach english. I just want to reconnect to find out what he is doing. ccquillao@gmail.com im from the UK but lived in Australia with my parents. I met him on my way home to London................please help me?? Soul Seeker. xxx

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Posted on
by mirthpro

How do I update my profile photo?

I saw the photo upload for Writer's Cafe, but couldn't find it for my profile page.

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Posted on
by Daniel

No writing/publishing questions here, please!

Please add writing and publishing questions NOT HERE, but in the Writers Cafe at http://www.guidegecko.com/location-independent/discussions/writers-cafe/pq,-10,10044.

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