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Welcome to GuideGecko's Media Center

Press Releases

28.07.2011: Backpackers Can't Be Cheated Anymore

01.03.2011: Travel Writers Can Now Publish iPhone Apps Easily  [Publish iPhone apps]

31.08.2010: Visiting Oktoberfest? GuideGecko.com has the Best Tips!  [Oktoberfest Inside Out]

03.08.2010: Catch Guido the Gecko and Win a Sony Cyber-shot TX5  [Catch Guido the Gecko]

19.07.2010: GuideGecko Knows "Singapore Inside Out" (international version)  [Singapore version]

30.06.2010: GuideGecko Launches International Writing Contest 2010  [photos and banners]

13.01.2010: Travelers Can Now Sell Used Guidebooks on GuideGecko.com

13.10.2009: GuideGecko Launches Marketplace for New and Used Guidebooks

13.10.2009: GuideGecko öffnet Marktplatz für neue und benutzte Reiseführer (in German)

28.09.2009: GuideGecko Announces Winners of International Writing Contest

19.08.2009: GuideGecko International Writing Contest Launches

01.07.2009: GuideGecko Unveils Preview Functionality for Travel Guides

12.05.2009: GuideGecko Starts 'Crazy Tuesday Travel Guide Deals' on Facebook®

31.03.2009: GuideGecko Launches Online Shopping & Publishing Platform for Travel, Lifestyle and Entertainment Guides: Authors can publish their guides immediately on www.GuideGecko.com

31.03.2009: GuideGecko Launches Online Shopping & Publishing Platform for Travel, Lifestyle and Entertainment Guides (Singapore): Lowest prices and free shipping for customers in Singapore at www.GuideGecko.com

GuideGecko in the Media

2010-2013, Many more, and no time to update!
06.07.2010, Written Road, USA: GuideGecko announces 2010 guidebook competition
06.07.2010, The Straits Times, Singapore: Writing competition
30.05.2010, I-S, Singapore: Go to GuideGecko.com for an international list of thrilling rides
06.05.2010, 8 Days, Singapore: Fear factor holiday
26.04.2010, Travelio, UK: Bloggers can now sell branded travel Ggidebooks through their website
28.03.2010, The Washington Post, USA: New travel web sites on hotels with views, public transit, selling travel books
07.03.2010, Students in Europe, USA: Sell your used guidebooks on GuideGecko
27.02.2010, Travelvalley, The Netherlands: Sell your (old) travel guides
15.02.2010, TravelSmart, USA: Sell your used travel guides
11.02.2010, Jaunted, USA: Resell and recyle your old guidebooks on GuideGecko.com
05.02.2010, The Boston Globe, USA: Site lets you resell guidebooks
25.01.2010, The Salt Lake Tribune, USA: Sell your used guidebooks online
19.01.2010, The Straits Times, Singapore: Recycle travel guides
18.01.2010, Asia One, Singapore: Sell used travel guidebooks on website
18.01.2010, My Paper, Singapore: Sell used travel guidebooks on website
16.01.2010, Suite101, Canada: Buying and Selling Used Travel Guides
15.01.2010, Automotive Traveler, USA: Travelers can now sell used guidebooks on GuideGecko.com
14.01.2010, Shin Min, Singapore: Used guidebooks: Sell on the web and earn money
14.01.2010, Marketing-interactive, Malaysia: Have second hand guide, will travel
06.10.2009, Asia One, Singapore: Upload your guide for sale
06.10.2009, The Straits Times, Singapore: Upload your guide for sale
29.09.2009, The Straits Times, Singapore: Teacher wins guidebook contest
25.08.2009, The Straits Times, Singapore: Write and win a trip to Frankfurt
18.08.2009, Written Road, USA: GuideGecko announces contest
August 2009, Cleo, Singapore: Write your own travel guide
June 2009, Female, Singapore: Guidebook Central
June 2009, Simply Her, Singapore: Travel Savings
28.04.2009, The Guardian, UK: New starts, new sites: Guidebook writing
27.04.2009, Gadling, USA: Talking Travel with GuideGecko.com
15.04.2009, Lianhe Zaobao, Singapore: Write a travel guide and promote your hometown to travelers from all over the world
12.04.2009, TravelTalkRadio, USA: Interview with Daniel
10.04.2009, Gadling, USA: GuideGecko.com launches
09.04.2009, 8 Days, Singapore: Good guide!
09.04.2009, European Network for Accessible Tourism, Greece: GuideGecko: A new way to publish your own accessible travel guide
08.04.2009, Rolling Rains Report: GuideGecko: A potential platform for accessible travel guides
07.04.2009, The Straits Times, Singapore: Website for travel guides
02.04.2009, Channel NewsAsia, Singapore: Publish... or travel
02.04.2009, Today, Singapore: Publish... or travel
31.03.2009, Marketing-interactive, Singapore: GuideGecko launches online platform
31.03.2009, Media, Singapore: GuideGecko launches in Singapore

Logos, Photos and Screenshots

GuideGecko logo [Singapore Guru version]
Guide the Gecko Mascot
Stack of guidebooks
Photo of printed guide (cover)
Photo of printed guide (color interior)
Website screenshot 1 (front page)
Website screenshot 2 (browse guides)
Website screenshot 3 (publish a guide)
Website screenshot 4 (Singapore Inside Out)
Website screenshot 4 (Singapore Inside Out, 2-in-1)
Singapore Inside Out: Merlion on Fire
Singapore Inside Out: Facts and Key Features


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