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Publish Apps and eBooks!

Our Apps & eBooks Publishing Program for Travel Writers, Travel Agencies and Guidebook Publishers.

We create and publish cutting-edge iPhone apps. We can create your app free of charge and share the revenues. Alternatively, you can pay us an upfront amount. A typical app sells 200+ copies every month (provided you do some promotion), and you receive an amazing 50% of the net proceeds. You can publish all kinds of guides and itineraries, for destinations and topics around the world.

It's easy - you write your articles and upload photos directly on our website. If you already have your content ready, you just need to copy and paste it. Once done, your app will be selling within a few days.

But that's not all: We can also create an eBook for you, without any extra efforts. Your eBook will sell on Amazon Kindle, iBookstore (for iPhone and iPad), and many other leading eBookstores. We keep adding stores all the time.

Finally, you can also build a travel website on GuideGecko.com, to promote your app and eBook. In addition, you will earn 50% of the AdSense advertising revenues from the website.

All publishing formats are optional. Get started - simply fill out the form below!

for Travel Writers:
  • Perfect for all kinds of topics and destinations.
  • Publish your own travel guide, food guide, etc.
  • No technical expertise required. All you need is expertise in your topic and a good command of written English.

for Travel Agencies:
  • We can integrate your online booking engine, users can book directly from within the app.
  • Keep your app up to date with automatic content updates.

for Guidebook Publishers:
  • Get your app out in only few weeks.
  • No complex development efforts, no debugging. Just use our tried and tested platform.
  • Create a loyal readership and sell additional titles with in-app purchases.

Ready? Make your app now!

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Read this testimonial to believe it.

My Select guide if you want to publish an app, eBook and/or online guide. Select app if you want to publish an app only. is about Summarize what your guide is about. What is your idea? .
Its main users are Who will be the primary target audience for your guide? What kind of people will use it? . With about articles and listings

Our guides are organized in sections. Each section can contain articles and listings.

Listings are points of interest that can be placed on map (e.g. places to see, eat, stay, walks & tours, etc.). Articles do not have a map location.

Rather than a general rule, the number of articles and listings should be determined by your type of guide and destination.

For traditional guides with sections for places to see, eat, sleep, etc., we suggest to include at least 80 listings and articles. This would make it a "Best Of" kind of guide. 100-200+ articles/listings would be better for a comprehensive guide that can sell at a higher price. Itinerary-style guides can have fewer listings.

There is no word limit for articles and listings.

my guide helps users to Why should people use your guide? What does it bring them? .

The working title is The working title should start with a destination name (e.g. your city, region or country). If it is location independent, start the title with 'Location independent...'. , and I will have it completed by
Enter the day by when you will have your content written and entered into our system. After that, we only need a couple of days to produce the app and submit it to Apple. Apple then typically takes 1-3 weeks to make it available in the App Store. . It shall sell for

We suggest a price of US$0.99 for guides with up to 100 articles and listings. US$1.99 for 150 articles/listings, and US$2.99-5.99 for 200 articles/listings or more. The topic of your guide also has an influence.

We offer a high revenue share based on 50% of all net proceeds from sales and advertising. A typical guide can sell 200+ copies per month.


I will approach my target audience through .

How do you want to reach your target audience? Do you want to approach the media, write guest posts, become active in forums, advertize?

Do you have an established website on this topic? Can you share how many daily visitors you have?

Where do you want to approach your target audience? If you want to become active in forums, insert the forum name and URL. If you want to advertize in newsletters, name them.

How do you want to reach your target audience? Do you want to approach online/offline media, write guest posts, become active in forums, join local communities, speak at events, advertize online or in newsletters? Do you have a highly frequented website?

Select your main and secondary marketing activities and be as specific as possible.


Where do you want to approach your target audience? If you want to become active in forums, insert the forum name and URL. If you want to advertize in newsletters, name them.

Make sure you have the required budget and resources - we are only able to support you financially in extraordinary situations.

Important: Follow the steps on the next page.
The fastest way to your app!

If you want to get more involved:
We are also looking for Travel Writers and Editors,
especially for our Southeast Asia Backpacker Guides.