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crimesinthemosh posted this discussion 10 years and 2 months ago Post Reply    

Posted on
by crimesinthemosh

Sale fares or budget airlines?

Sometimes I find that airlines like Emirates cost only slightly more than Jetstar or Tiger, but with more baggage allowance & meal options, and their services are much better. Do you think budget airlines are pricey for their no-frills services? More than once I've found cheaper alternatives provided by non-budget airlines.
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Posted on
by Imran

I agree with inthelakehouse. Sometimes, budget airlines has cheaper tickets but after all the taxes and other hidden costs, the price is almost the same as a commercial non-budget airline. For example, a ticket to Bali from Singapore costs at least $260 on Jetstar and it only costs $215 on KLM. I would of course go for the latter!
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Posted on
by inthelakehouse

I wouldnt say that budget airlines are pricey but i would definitely say that they are not always the best option to go with!

As you have mentioned, Emirates commonly has ticket prices that are slightly higher than those of the budget airlines. however, budget airlines do have sale fares that full-service carriers cannot beat so it's all about your timing when buying those tickets!

always research across many airlines, full-service and budget because there are times when full-service tickets are cheaper than the budget ones, even if rarely. there's no harm checking ;)
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