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Sell your new and used guidebooks on GuideGecko

It's easy: Simply type in the ISBN of the guidebook you want to sell and tell us the price, and we list your guides on GuideGecko. Open to all publishers, bookstores, authors and readers with new and used guidebooks to sell. No setup fee and free listings!

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    Showcase and sell your titles to readers worldwide!
    All languages are welcome.
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    Sell your used guidebooks!

How it works

List your guide Make money
  • Type the ISBN of the book you want to sell and click on 'lookup'. Then enter your selling price. You can specify the shipping costs on three levels: domestic, same continent, and worldwide. [see it]
  • If you are selling a book that does not yet exist in our database, simply fill out some additional details. [see it]
  • That's it, your book is listed instantly! [see it]
  • Want to list books in bulk? Contact us!
  • We send you an email with the shipping address when a customer places an order.
  • You ship within two business days. Don't forget to update the order status. [see it]
  • You have access to 24h real time account information and can keep track of every order. [see it]
  • We pay by bank transfer, cheque, PayPal, etc. Your choice! [see it]

Get 12 months Premium Membership for free!

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Advantages of selling on GuideGecko

More customers
Reach out to local and international customers.
No nonsense - strong focus on travel and
   entertainment guides.

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Greater flexibility
You decide on shipping costs.
No listing expiration time.
List new titles without extra costs.
Lower costs
No setup fee, no listing fees.
Only 15% commission when
   your book sells.

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