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Write your guide in your favourite editor (e.g. Microsoft Word) Convert to PDF
  • Write on any topic you like and format your guide as you wish.
  • Download our guide template with layout tips and building blocks.
  • Your guide can have any length, from a few pages to hundreds.
  • Creating a PDF file is simple.
  • Many editors such as Microsoft Word or Open Office have a
    built-in functionality to create PDF files. [more info]
Get published instantly
  • Visit our publishing page, upload your guide and set the retail price.
  • Use our cover generator or upload your own cover images.
  • Offer your guide as a PDF download and/or as a printed book.
  • Your guide is instantly listed at the top of our eBookstore,
    giving it maximum visibility.
  • Customers can order your guide immediately. [next]
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